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Due to high volume of orders and time required to wrap packages in the complicated way we were doing it - our TAT was getting longer and longer. In order to get back to a shorter TAT and products getting to you faster, we are simplifying our packaging.

Items will still be wrapped with care, and we will inject personality into as many corners of the packages as we can, but we need to find a more sustainable way to present our products. You can read more about this in our FAQ.

If you do wish to have our original, extra super fancy-pants wrapping and packaging, you still can! You may add this item into your cart based on # of total items, and we will wrap up your order in the most beautiful way we can. 


• 1-5 Bottles : $5

• 6-10 Bottles : $10

• 11+ Bottles : $15

6 pack Sample Sets will count as 2 "bottles" ( as we pack them in groups of 3). 

If you buy individual 1.5mL's, between 1-3 will count as one "bottle", and 4-6 will count as two "bottles". For example, if you buy 4x1.5ml's that would count as 2 "bottles", as we pack them in groups of the 3. If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to reach out! 

There is no price change depending on 4.5mL or 7.5mL bottles, or High Concentration oils.