Butterflies are Free!
Butterflies are Free!

Butterflies are Free!

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“Butterflies Are Free"? “I only ask to be free. The butterflies are free. Mankind will surely not deny to Harold Skimpole what it concedes to the butterflies.” - Charles Dickens

There's nothing quite like a Victorian winter, and we're celebrating this season by recalling days past. Days with lamplighters, figgy pudding, and overwhelming classicism! Some of these things we're more pleasant than others, so we're bringing the best to life with these 12 fragrances. Collection sets of 3x3mL are also available, and all fragrances are available in 6 piece sample sets.

Candle in the Window: Melting beeswax candles, linden honey, chilled air from an open window, freshly-rolled tobacco cigarettes and flint.

Jam Tart: Spanish Seville & ginger marmalade, short crust pastry, carmine, crepe paper, drops of belladonna and rose petal rouge.

Chimney Sweep: Conifer trees, resinous pinecone, crumbling soot, aged brick, Russian leather, cologne musk and gin sweetened with black licorice.

Copper Kettle: Smouldering embers, woodsmoke, newspaper kindling, Imperial black tea held by flannel mittens and lavender scones.

Librarian: Vintage perfume, rosewater, aged paper, velvet upholstery, cherrywood, cognac, orange butter and mulling spices.

Bleak House: Dusty carpet, labdanum, dark chocolate, leather shoes, pits of plum, hourglass sand and obsidian musk.

Spectres in Dresses: Faded ivory lace, tortoiseshell aigrette, powdered-skin musk, dried jasmine petals, white amber and silk chemise.

Crinoline: Linen extrait de Parfum, ash lye, blue lace macarons, white tea, hazelnut truffles, peppermint and almond petit fours.

Mourning Glory: Thick black velvet curtains, bruised palmarosa leaves, Shanghai spice, wilted white carnations and bible leather.

Victoria: Devon cream, blueberry Langues de Chat, brocade, English ivy, guillotine blades, rust and granite

Humbug: Twirling hard caramel, spiced rum, 2 whole cloves, fresh nutmeg, a gingerbread biscuit, sprinkle of cinnamon and a grumpy disposition

Wilde: Sugared black plums, scorching brandy, clove, a dollop of spiced vanilla cream, spilled ink, sharp wit, lingering cologne.