Collection: Cabinet of Curiosity

Good morrow to ye, good fine gentlefolk. May I bid thee a fine and warm welcome -

To the Cabinet of Curiosity! 

We open this trunk up every now and then and have a peek at what's inside. Treasure! Jewels! Out-of-Stock fragrances! This is a way for us to send out the last few bottles of scents, and for you to get your hands on some faves. 

Stock is extremely limited, and once it's gone - that's it! The Cabinet giveth, and the Cabinet taketh away.... However, we likely will open her up again in the next few months, so keep yer eyes peeled, folks!

The best part? We've got these bottles packed, wrapped, and ready to be sent. All items from this curious cabinet are going to be shipped on Monday! Thanks so much for joining us here, and go ahead, open sesame!

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