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6 Piece Sample Set

6 Piece Sample Set

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Pixie Beach
Light cedar dock wood over buzzing white water lilies and Holy Basil. Top notes of juicy pink grapefruit dusted with white sugar

Lovesick Lake
Bright pink and heartbreakingly optimistic; cotton candy served with thick strawberry cheesecake and sour lemon squares on a hot rainy day

The Velveteen Stranger: Stolen peaches, yellow marshmallow, chopped cedar, blackberry aftershave, and cigar smoke

Lights Across the Sky: Circles of sun-bleached wheat, twilight musk, English lavender and upturned fennel bulbs. Shaking saucers under steaming cups of Earl Grey sink into comforting vanilla cream

Orange is Technocolour: Orange blossom petals with shea butter, house-distilled tangerine oil and apricot jam

Early Reflections: Pink grapefruit, melted shea butter, warm skin, yuzu rind, ripe guava and crushed pineapple.

Moon Milk: Crumbs from almond tuiles and lavender sugar dust, one last sip of Fortuna tea leaves left behind in a porcelain cup reveal chilled chiffon cream illuminated by a single flame glinting off the gold filigree.

Rubies from your Lips: Twilight musk, smoked woodsage, carnation corsage, holy water, green clove, damp soil and grave moss.

Scaredy Cats: Sheet white marshmallow, midnight sugar cookies and an extinguished candle. 


If you're unsure of how to choose samples, have a look at our Indie Perfume Guide: Start Here section, where we can give you some tips on fragrance selection, and sampling!