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Mini Custom Fragrance
Mini Custom Fragrance

Mini Custom Fragrance

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If you've been tempted by our Custom Fragrance experience, but perhaps are feeling daunted by the process or the (admittedly long) forms, we have something new!

Mini Customs are are more like a traditional custom experience. You may select up to 5 notes and we will create something special! This option does not come with samples, just full size bottles, and is less expensive as there is just one package being shipped. This is a great option if you want to dip your toes into custom perfume, or know exactly what you're looking for and don't need samples! 

If you need some note inspiration, check out our Deluxe Custom Form page here! But remember, we can pretty much make any scent you like, even if it isn't listed!

After purchase, please fill out the Mini-Custom Form, and submit! Due to the simplified nature of your scent, you're welcome to tell us the name of your perfume for your/our records, but the unique name of your scent will not be labeled on the bottle. 

PLEASE NOTE: Customs Shipping is not required for this item! Standard shipping is fine, as there is only one package being sent. The TAT for Mini-Customs is longer than our standard TAT, about5-15 business days, but isn't as long as the Deluxe!