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Garden Teas, Lattes &  Breezes: *EXCLUSIVE FREEBIE*
Garden Teas, Lattes &  Breezes: *EXCLUSIVE FREEBIE*

Garden Teas, Lattes & Breezes: *EXCLUSIVE FREEBIE*

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A set of perfumes to accompany you through the day–

[Community Custom Duo, Hope Tea & a sample of Golden Hour]

Garden Hideaway:

In the soft Saturday showers, a basket of freshly picked apricots, rhubarb, basil and tea rose hang from your arm as you stroll through the garden. The orange and cherry blossoms are blooming–their creamy softness cut with the spicy greens. You pull your flannel tighter as the rain kisses your hair. 


Apricot, Rhubarb, Basil, Tea Rose, Orange Blossom, Cherry Blossom, Rain & Soft Flannel 

Paperback Cafe:

Sitting in a cozy cafe with a well-worn book, you nurse a steaming Earl Grey latte. Beside you is a ripe Japanese plum and some ginger candies to help with your studies. The smell of creme brulee permeates your space–bourbon vanilla custard–as you hear the snap of a perfectly crunchy caramelized shell. 


Old book, Earl Grey Latte, Japanese Plum, Ginger and Creme Brulee. 

Hope Tea:

Walking through the garden, the plum blossoms are in bloom. Two little hands hold a cup of oolong tea steamed with rice milk. Ylang-ylang and yuzu grow in the garden. Grandma sneaks a sugar cube into the little one's hands–a hint of sweetness to dampen the bitter tea.


Plum blossoms, oolong tea, rice milk, ylang ylang, sugar and yuzu. 

All proceeds from Hope Tea will be donated to the Chinese Canadian National Council - For Social Justice


Golden Hour (1.8 mL) EXCLUSIVE free: 


Tatarian honeysuckle, lemon basil, crab grass, garden tomato leaf, sunset musk, cilantro, peeled rhubarb, sun shower, pink carnation, daisy stems