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Five-Note Full Custom Fragrance (7.5 mL)

Five-Note Full Custom Fragrance (7.5 mL)

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Hello and welcome...
You’re about to write a story
A tale that wafts before you
Revealing a glimpse of who you are.


Creating a custom scent can be a little daunting,
But we’re excited to do this with you:
After purchasing your Custom Fragrance/s
Please fill out the corresponding form:


(1 x 7.5 mL with 5 scent notes)

Form 1


A full size of your unique fragrance/s will be dispatched to you within 20-25 days!
It truly takes some time to make them perfect~

Extra Note:

You're very welcome to tell us the name of your perfume for our records,
but its unique name will not be labeled on the bottle.

    Additional Final Scents - Purchased Separately