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I Love Everything! - Full Valentine's Day Collection

I Love Everything! - Full Valentine's Day Collection

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Oh boy, you must be dedicated to Valentine's Day - or just a fan of these sweet scents! This collection contains a 4.5mL of every one of our VDAY Scents, from the I Love Peaches & I Love Strawberries collections! This set contains 4.5mL's of

Fuzzy: gummies with bright key lime zest, squeeze of lemon and touch of black cherry.

Pêche Immortelle: Saturn peach and aged cognac enclosed in humid jade glass, unearthed after midnight alongside dewy blooms of star jasmine and clary sage.

Sun Blush: Nearly-naked (and perfectly ripe) fresh peach slices with a hint of ginger root, mulled Rosé wine and fresh marshmallow crème.

Kindling: Sweet jasmine incense, sunset musk, fresh sativa and strawberry wine.

Laissez-Faire: Cool coconut cream whipped together with sugared strawberries and maple syrup over cinnamon and pecan crust.

Bloom & Pucker: Delicate strawberry blossoms, sour lemon candy, strawberry sugar and frosted daiquiri.