Collection: systema naturae

Necterie - Winter agave nectar, glassed chokeberry, blue magnolia, peach skin and purple tourmaline

[frozen petrichor agave/magnolia-iris/chokeberry/natural peach/purple amber]

Reverie - Frozen pollen, prickly gooseberry vine, raw cashmere wool and midnight blooming primrose

[aldehydic-powdery floral musk/gooseberry fougere/cashmere/wild primrose]

Solar Croakus - An inner effervescence heightened by notes of warm patchouli, bronze crocus, dry sandalwood, sun flare ozone and warm skin musk

[patchouli/sandalwood/bronze crocus/warm ozone/skin musk]

Lunar Anura - Vintage chypre, tidal waves, pearlescent amber, moon musk and white morning glory

[vintage chypre/ocean/pearl amber/moon musk/morning glory]

Frog Dew - A dewy coat scented by notes of swamp azalea, wild basil, bergamot, luminescent marsh gas and devil fruit

[dew/swamp azalea/wild basil/bergamot/damp ozone/nightshade]

Magma Marble - Smooth hot marble, fossil dust, salt heliotrope, wormwood, copper and pimento leaf

[hot marble/fossil dust/salt heliotrope/copper/pimento leaf]

Hyacinthian - Petrified blackberry, shale leather, Cananga flower, entombed incense smoke and salted hieroglyphs 

[dry blackberry/dirty black leather/incense/old stone/stone salt/ylang ylang]

Popsilica - Blue ice-pop slush and flat crystal cola with cool quartz, pixie powder and a handful of theater popcorn

[blue ice pop/cola/sugar powder/silica accord/salt/movie popcorn]

Ancestor - Chaga and blueberry leaf tea, chamomile balm, iron, clubmoss and frozen dirty wool and blueberry butter tarts 

[chaga-blueberry tea/phenolic chamomile/moss/dirt/wool/metal/blueberry tart]

Sugibrite - Jeweled champagne fruit grounded in primordial amber, sugared ether and wet shelfstone 

[champagne fruit/dark amber/sugared ozone/water/stone]

Excitation - Frothed Irish cream with rye whiskey, evaporated milk, wild honey and chocolate covered coffee beans

[Irish cream/rye/evaporated milk/wild honey/chocolate/coffee bean]

Snow Bloom - Frosted cherry blossom, winter violet, French musk and club soda

[camphorous peach blossom/cool ozone/violet/French musk/cherry soda]

Fairy Frost - Frosted fairy breath, clean baby skin, frozen bath bubbles and pink bubblegum

[camphorous-fairy musk/skin musk/bubble bath/bubble gum]

Firelyck - Warm cardamom amber, cinnamon infused sandalwood, rosa petals and dragon blood tongue

[cardamom-amber/cinnamon-sandalwood/fire rose accord/dragon's blood]

Opaline - Iridescent and heavy stones of opalized amber, birds of paradise, frozen yucca and lacquered teak

[pearl-stone/opal-amber accord/birds of paradise/cold yucca/camphorous teak]

Perdotmint - Gems of concorde pear, crushed spearmint, iced green tea and classic jade accord

[pear/spearmint/green tea/jade-amber accord]

Peel - Spiraled peels of heaven scent Valencia orange, lumia lemon and perfectly ripe strawberries and banana

[orange/strawberry/banana/fruity ozone/lemon]

Plume - Lazy blooms of sundance plumeria and blue freesia trail behind smoking sugar plums whistling to the earth

[plumeria/freesia/sugar plum/light smoke]

Powder - Heavily powdered wings, creeping monstera vine, cocooned oak and moth silk

[strong powder/fougere/oakmoss/silk/white oak]

Yellowbird - Wedges of tangelo, pineapple and lime in spiced vanilla garnished with diamond frost and mint 


Snowmallow - Bright pineapple, tangelo and Mojito mint buried under heavy vanilla and heaps of coconut cream

[vanilla/pineapple/tangelo/coconut cream/mint/lime/white rum]