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Garden Hideaway

Garden Hideaway

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Garden Hideaway | "Community Customs II" Summer 2021 - Designed by members of the indie fragrance community on instagram where votes were taken to create the ideal floral garden scent!

Originally introduced in 2020 by former in-house artist and Creative Director Norah Galea, 2021's Community Custom was led by former C.D Kacy Lin, who also created the art for this collaborative fragrance.

NotesApricot, rhubarb, basil, tea rose, orange blossom, cherry blossom, rain & soft flannel 

"In the soft Saturday showers, a basket of freshly picked apricots, rhubarb, basil and tea rose hang from your arm as you stroll through the garden.

The orange and cherry blossoms are blooming–their creamy softness cut with the spicy greens. You pull your flannel tighter as the rain kisses your hair."

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