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Starry-Eyed Sagittarius

Starry-Eyed Sagittarius

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 Creator's Vision:

For the Sagittarius who is looking for a little peace,
I hope this scent be a gentle breath of freshness.


Hiking up a mountain,
The wind kisses your face.
The sun shines on your skin.
Smell the fresh mountain air,
Note the hints of beragmot, lemon,
Linden blossom and cedarwood.
Breathe away your worries.

In Bottle: Sodalite & Juniper

Sodalite enhances self-awareness,
Emotional balance,
Self acceptance and self-trust.
Juniper is cleansing and grounding.
May you find the calm within life's storms. <3 
Written in the Stars: 2020-2021 Year-Long Collection

(Please note: Linden Blossom note was reformulated Spring 2022 due to
ongoing backlog with supplier)

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