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The Autumn People

The Autumn People

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The Autumn People: Grinning jack-o-lanterns, dripping red wax, fallen leaves, croaking mulch, shivering cardamom pods, a freshly hanged juju bag glittering in the rafters and an old page from the Witch's Almanac.

This fragrance belongs to Norah Galea (former Stereoplasm artist and Creative Director, current owner of Knock Thrice). All proceeds will be directly deposited to Norah now and for any future release or resale of this fragrance.


From the bottom of our hearts: thank you for your hard work, dedication, beautiful art and creative concepts. Stereoplasm wouldn't be the same without you 👩🏻‍🎨

Please visit her shop site, Knock Thrice for splendorous embroidered hats and gorgeous collectible stickers!

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