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Eye of the Beholder

Eye of the Beholder

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Eye of the Beholder | "Dimension of Imagination" Summer Mini-Collection 2020 - Inspired by the 1959-1964 television series "The Twilight Zone", hosted by Rod Serling

"Suspended in time and space for a moment, your introduction to Miss Janet Tyler, who lives in a very private world of darkness, a universe whose dimensions are the size, thickness, length of a swath of bandages that cover her face.

In a moment, we'll go back into this room, and also in a moment, we'll look under those bandages, keeping in mind, of course, that we're not to be surprised by what we see, because this isn't just a hospital, and this patient 307 is not just a woman.

This happens to be The Twilight Zone, and Miss Janet Tyler, with you, is about to enter it."


NotesSoft white musk, ace bandages, rosewood, tears and bindweed

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