[Shipping Update] Still working out my options between Canada Post, UPS and FedEx, I appreciate your patience while I figure this out. Untracked will be available in the meantime! 

I want to thank you all for the interest in custom fragrance so far! In order to accommodate everyone and keep my TAT reasonable, I will now be limiting the number of available custom orders per week to 10-15 available orders to be replenished every week on Monday at 2pm EST. Orders will often be finished sooner than expected or cancelled (or just when my time frees up in general) so more will become available throughout the week as well.

I deeply regret any inconvenience this causes, my biggest priority is availability and sustainability of this project and I feel this is the best solution to keep it going.




All ingredients are domestic, distilled in-house or purchased from international Fair Trade companies only.

All fragrances contain natural, synthetic and house-distilled ingredients unless otherwise specified (no fragrance will contain “only” synthetic components for example). I use refractionated coconut oil as a carrier. and fragrance concentrate ranges from 30-45% depending strength and desired effect (As of 2019-01-22 fragrances concentration increased from 20-30% to 30-45%).

I use only cosmetic-grade oils, but should any irritation occur, please discontinue use. I do not currently offer any fragrances containing ingredients that are known to be harmful to pregnant women, but this will be explicitly stated here as well as the fragrance description. Not to be ingested or given to young children.

As a note, oil-based fragrance in general tends to wear closer to the skin and should be applied liberally at pulse points. Not to be applied directly on clothing as staining may occur.

All fragrances are hand-crafted (no “stock scents”) and vegan.


A Note About $5.00 Regular Letter-Mail Shipping (available in Canada & USA)

This method of shipping generally takes within 3-7 business days within Canada and 5-14 business days in the United States.

New TAT as of 2019-05-09 (order processing):

Regular orders: 3-7 Business Days and

Custom fragrance: 7-10 Business days

(unless otherwise specified on main page).

Orders will be shipped via Canada Post. If applicable, the tracking number will be provided to you as soon as possible.

This method is dependent on weight, so there is also the possibility you will receive two packages (labeled “Package 1 of 2” and “Package 2 of 2” respectively). If you receive only one package (with a label on the upper right side of the envelope indicating another) please contact me.

As of 2018-07-16, my local post office will no longer accept envelopes containing non-paper materials (person-to-person), but will still allow me to ship via deposit mailbox.

Unfortunately, this can delay shipping by as much as 24 hours and there is also a possibility that the envelope will not be accepted and returned to my original address (if this happens, I will ship again via express tracked parcel at no additional cost to you).


All sales are final, however if you are unsatisfied with your order please contact me.


A very special thank you to (incredibly) talented graphic artist Abigail Richards who donated the gorgeous images for Eye of the Sahara, Sleeping Giants and World’s Fair 1893