Upcoming Holiday Collection Set:

🐰Silly Rabbits🐰

Easter/April 2019

The Sky is Falling
Pink ozone, trampled tulips, skyline crocus and delicate candy shells

The Velveteen Stranger
Stolen peaches, yellow marshmallow, chopped cedar, blackberry aftershave and cigar smoke

Last Dance
Vintage amber, creamy heliotrope, bubbly champagne, and freshly picked wildflowers

Spring 2019

April Vinyl
Burnt-out black currant, grapefruit cider, vintage cotton and blue lotus absolute. (Transforms from creamy on warm skin to spicy and herbaceous in cool weather)

Art Star
Raw denim, crushed tobacco and fresh wet paint. Top notes of vintage cherry blossom, kerosene and sparkling pink lemonade

Stolen Aura
Classic golden amber accord, spiced plum wine, worn vintage suede, pink pepper and thinly sliced sassafras root

Hybrid Perpetual
Book-pressed antique rose, oak moss, a rush of ozone over rolling tide, cucumber flower and honeyed violet borage

Black plum and ancient musk, blue cornflower, oud and vetiver

Lace Paisley
A generous cup of white sugar melted over sweet orange blossoms, juicy aloe and oversized pink peonies

Mulled Eastern spice poured over baby crab apple peel, wild chestnut and resinous champa. Scattered and falling ashes of burnt sage, wild hemlock and ancient dark jade

First Bloom
Peach and apricot blossoms, french musk and sparkling cream soda

Hopeful and bright young tulip stems, green cactus, sun dried leather, burnt ironwood and tall flowering lilac grass

Gooey cherry cake batter, burnt marzipan, fresh cinnamon leaf, orange zest, warm chai cream and roasted hazelnut

Lights Across the Sky
Circles of sun-bleached wheat, twilight musk, English lavender and upturned fennel bulbs. Shaking saucers under steaming cups of Earl Grey sink into comforting vanilla cream

Orange is Technocolour
Orange blossom petals with shea butter, house-distilled tangerine oil and apricot jam

Cozy Starling
Warm sandalwood, sweet fresh hay, alluring ylang ylang and zesty bergamot. Lingering top notes of under-ripe green berries, dried beach grass and crimson dragon’s blood

Classic purple lilac, lazy handfuls of new grass, slippery stone moss, heliotrope and peppery geranium leaf

Permanent Collection

Pixie Beach
Light cedar dock wood over buzzing white water lilies and Holy Basil. Top notes of juicy pink grapefruit dusted with white sugar

Lovesick Lake
Bright pink and heartbreakingly optimistic; cotton candy served with thick strawberry cheesecake and sour lemon squares on a hot rainy day

Retired Holiday Collections

☘️ Garden Creatures ☘️

St. Patrick’s Day/March 2019

Libatious Leprechaun
Aged whiskey and oak reveal prickly pear, spicy ginger and feisty bergamot

Gone Gnome
Top notes of cilantro and key lime rooted in fresh garden basil, english cucumber and melon blossom

Green Gremlin
Juicy bamboo, slimy lychee skins, sour green apple cores and rustling tall dry grass

🍓I Love Strawberries!🍓

Valentine’s Day/February 2019

Sweet jasmine incense, sunset musk, fresh sativa and strawberry wine

Cool coconut cream whipped together with sugared strawberries and maple syrup over cinnamon and pecan crust

Bloom & Pucker
Delicate strawberry blossoms, sour lemon candy, strawberry sugar and frosted daiquiri

Seasonal & Retired Fragrance

Tightly-bound leather pages, grand mahogany and an enfleurage of night-blooming jasmine in saffron and ancient myrrh oil. Base notes of charred clove, royal amber and a touch of smoked sage
Low Tide
Top notes of watermelon candy, sunscreen and shiny green sea glass. Undercurrents of soaked driftwood and small abandoned whelk shells
A uniquely transformative scent; opens with lavender, earl grey tea and snips of fresh fennel greens. A flood of soapy emerald green bubbles then rests softly into clean sunset musk.
Deceptively nuanced pineapple set free to the fresh night air. Deliberate (or possibly accidental) top notes of sinister thyme, cold sweat and fresh blood orange
Heady and invigorating; flowering Green Dragon under a torrent of matcha tea with a dash of chartreuse. Soft implications of fresh sativa and pressed powder
A tangled infusion of mulled spice and cream, pressed lemon peel and a drop of bitter neroli. Traces of opium poppy, black walnut fruit and raw cinnamon bark
Subtle yet haunting; fields of yellow wheat and a simple white musk. Bright top notes of fresh peach and yellow custard
Maple tarte au sucre topped with candied apricot and creamy strawberry petals. Delicate rose blush with a touch of pink lily absolute and vintage lace extrait de parfum are detectable closer to the skin
Shiver in the Vines
Concord bordeaux and humid cherrywood. Notes of freshly ground sweet spices, tiny breaths of subdued dragon flower and echoes of frostbitten indigo grape
Tourist Trap
Enduring base notes of jade resin, hot leather and warm skin open up to sprawling mid-notes of deeply twisted ivy and wild tiger lilies. Lingering notes of crushed blue crab grass and sun-bleached denim on top
Weather Girl
Ambitious vanilla (and coconut) manipulates sweet lavender and carefree wildflowers. Sweet and potent, yet soft and lingering
Cool Weather Girl
Fruit and vanilla are more muted under frosty blue lavender. Misty, ozonic and intensely nostalgic
Wolfe Island
Intoxicating vanilla bourbon rolled over deep green moss and crumbling wet earth. Edges of smoldering birch, sticky calyxes and book-pressed tobacco leaves

Retired Featured Monthly Animals

One current “Featured Monthly Animal” 2ml is complimentary with every order
(Some months not available due to store hiatus after 2018 Canada Post strike)

March (1/2) 2019
Wild blueberries, wet garden mud, nag champa and vintage musk

February (2/2) 2019
Puma Concolor
(mountain lion)
Wild cilantro, waterfalls and jolly ranchers candy

February (1/2) 2019
Procyon Lotor
Fleshy nectarine, pink grapefruit, cotton candy and bergamot

January 2019
Alces Spiritus
(spirit moose)
Crystal lavender, frozen fern and dried winter spices

September 2018
Selasphorus Calliope
(calliope hummingbird)
Foxglove Nectar, Honeysuckle and fresh maple leaves

August (2 of 2) 2018
Danaus Plexippus
(monarch butterfly)
Snow cones with simple black cherry syrup and pink dusty prairie flowers

August (1 of 2) 2018
Ursus Americanus
(american black bear)
Ripe wet blueberries, sweet herbal honey and blue juniper

July (2 of 2) 2018
Lutra Canadensis
(river otter)
Soothing chai tea with zesty and energetic house tangerine oil. Playful yet warm and inviting!

July (1 of 2) 2018
Chelydra Serpentina
(snapping turtle)
Refreshing Japanese peppermint with oceanic green tea accord