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6 Piece Samples

Please select 6 samples from the list below and add them to the NOTES section in your cart! The scents listed here are the ONLY ONES available for the 6 piece collection. NO other scents from previous collections or mini collections may be listed. Thank you!

March - April Collection:

Libatious Leprechaun: Aged whiskey and oak reveal prickly pear, spicy ginger and feisty bergamot.

Gone Gnome: Top notes of cilantro and key lime rooted in fresh garden basil, english cucumber and melon blossom.

Green Gremlim: Juicy bamboo, slimy lychee skins, sour green apple cores and rustling tall dry grass

Taro Milk Tea: Loose black tea leaves steeped in lightly sweetened milk and blended with sweet, creamy taro root. 
A world-famous bubble tea favourite! 
Jasmine Green Milk Tea: Loose green tea leaves and jasmine flowers steeped in lightly sweetened milk and whisked with a teaspoon of finely ground matcha. 
A world-famous morning tea favourite! 
Bouncy Boba: A delightfully chewy boba–made from tapioca flour mixed with sugar and rolled into bite-sized balls. They're carefully boiled for 35 minutes and sprinkled with the tiniest splash of milk to create the most tantalizing add-on to any tea! 
Honey Butter Crisp: Lightly whipped clover honey drizzled on peppery, sea-salted chips. Super buttery, sweet and salty... with a little kick of spice. 
Garden Hideaway: Apricot, Rhubarb, Basil, Tea Rose, Orange Blossom, Cherry Blossom, Rain & Soft Flannel 
Paperback Cafe: Old book, Earl Grey Latte, Japanese Plum, Ginger and Creme Brulee.


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