I have been lucky to work with some very talented and brilliant women who have created the unforgettable art displayed on the site.

You may be surprised to learn that they are also the creative minds behind some favourite release concepts as well.

For example, the "Cats are out of the Bag" was created because of Kacy Lin's adorable obsession with cats 😻. She also created beautiful poetry, artwork and horoscopes for "Written in the Stars" that soothed our hearts and minds during a very stressful year. Last but not least, she shared with us delicious "Chinese Snacks", an ultimate crowd favourite being "Taro Milk Tea". Kacy's legacy on this site has been in the form of lasting contributions to Paws & Tails Adoptions and Chinese Canadian National Council - For Social Justice

Although Kacy has moved on to teaching, we hope she will continue to create gorgeous art and possibly share from time to time on her instagram paper.peaces.

Norah Galea's many contributions included the "La Vita Lecce" release, which was based on her trip to Italy: we were able to smell the street cafes, fresh linen and flowers through her beautiful scent memories. Another important crowd favourite, "The Witch's Complete Autumn Compendium" was entirely conceived & orchestrated by Norah and her love of Halloween: she even created an incredible paper zine for this release! Another very notable concept was "Butterflies Are Free!" which was inspired by her admiration of author Charles Dicken's Christmas themes.

Norah is supremely talented, creative and cool with an appreciation for mulchy garden critters and spooky delights. Her newer work can now be found here in the form of beautiful figurines, hats and much more. 

Although both have moved on to work on their own projects and careers, I will always be grateful for the beautiful images and concepts they have created while part of Stereoplasm.

Thank you Norah & Kacy! 💞

Stereoplasm's Creative Directors:

Kacy Lin

(with Stereoplasm from 2020-2021, find more of her projects here)

The Secret of Time & Heaven - Art

Halloween 2020 - In The Darkness - Art

The Fall of Love - Art, collaborative concept

Written in the Stars - Art, concept

The Cats Are Out of the Bag - Art, concept

Chinese Snacks - Art, concept

Indie Perfume Guide (on site) 

Norah Galea

(with Stereoplasm from 2019-2020, find more of her projects here)

Elements - Art

Inked Club - Art, concept

There's a Party (Birthday 2019) - Art, concept

Summer Stereo - Summer 2019 - Art

Les Belle Dames San Merci - Art

Cartoon Creature Features (1 & 2) - Art

The Witch's Complete Autumn Compendium - Art, concept

The Cozyfoot Cabin - Art

La Vita Lecce - Art, concept

Butterflies are Free (Winter 2019) - Art, concept

Holly Jolly Misfits - Art

I Love Peaches (Valentines 2020) - Art

Forest Creatures - Art

Chiptune Collection - Art

Community Custom - Art, concept

Dimension of Imagination - Art

Declassified - Art