Chiptune Notes List


Star Trader: (silk musk/ground pearl/bing cherry/lemon zest/pistachio cream) - Tall, mysterious and elusive merchant. Will trade pearl star flask for cherry-lemon ice cream (sitting beside the indigo bush on top of the alps at dusk).
Enchanted Dew Drop: (dew/jade/light smoke/stone moss) - A glowing vial containing healing dew from the misty peak of treacherous Mount Eumedes (will appear in rain during spring equinox if an acceptable offering of fire is made).
Monster Parts: (tomato leaf/salt/camphor/ozone/Indica) - A mysterious and camphorous ingredient located inside the mayor's locked tomato garden) (powerful, ozonic and slightly medicinal although weakens your energy in large doses. Not for the faint of heart!).
Sensation Vulgaris: (jasmine/lilac/skin musk/sage/white pepper) - Intoxicating night-blooming shrub, traditionally oil-pressed in herbs and musk (a local hybrid that blooms every year during the true love festival).
Potted Chiptunia: (petunia/leaf/fresh soil/clay/static) - A refreshing, inhibiting flower, grown and engineered in Chiptown. Be sure to follow the local traditional custom of telling it your fears and secrets (a non-negotiable gift from the town of Chiptown to all new and current residents).
Lavender Scarab: (golden amber/English lavender/blackberry/incense) - A lavender-winged and iridescent beetle encased in golden amber (traded for blackberry incense at the southern temple).
Sand Euspira: (sea salt/dried sea weed/ocean/shell accord) - Small, extremely fragile blue and white shell, fresh and salty-aquatic! (often found on Bearclaw Beach)
Wild Mayweed:(dew/chamomile/cotton/root & soil) - A bundle of dewy, wild mayweed wrapped in a clean cotton cloth (Root Intact)
Toasted Matchimellow: (matcha/mimosa/cream/toasted marshmallow/humidity) - Bright green ice cream baked inside marshmallow meringue (usually found during summer months in cafe midi).
Mayflower Fleece: (spun sugar/light chamomile/candied ginger/earl grey) - fluffy orange clouds of sweet and zesty mayflower fleece (the official treat of the Mayweed Festival).
Binary Sonata: (vintage musk, forest berry accord, thyme, ether) - Arrangement of notes said to materialize rare or extinct fruit, herbs, berries and experiences (forbidden music node that disorients and causes general confusion).
Cotton Barrel: (raw cotton/cork/fougere/white oak) - Brushed and ginned cotton in a corked oak barrel (found behind the “Cork & Hammock factory” east of the white oak forest).