Updated Turn Around Time (TAT):

Our TAT is currently 10-14 business days, with many items shipping out sooner!



Hellloo friends, we've got some news! It may not seem like good news right away, but we think it will make people much happier in the long run.

During the summer fiasco we got stuck between a rock and a hard place. Orders that got confiscated without our knowing were 2 months late, and then we also had new orders. So, we made the choice to replace all the lost packages first, getting them out asap, and then move onto the new ones. However, in apology for the delay we wanted to include a ton of freebies and samples - but ay here's the rub... By doing that, we definitely delayed our other packages from going out, so then to compensate their lateness we sent more samples, and around and around we go! .

We pride ourselves on the way our bottles are presented, and it was working so well when we were a little smaller - but with the shipping issues and then the unexpected (but lovely!) growth, we suddenly couldn't really keep up. We were trying to maintain the standard of packaging that you all know and love, but it simply isn't sustainable for us, at this level, any longer. We want you to get your products, and the fancy wrapping was actually hindering us from doing that with do many orders, and that's not the way it should be.

So.. we've made a choice. We're going to simplify our packaging and scent references. In every new order we will include a full scent reference sheet for the entire new collection (whatever it may be), and if you want a full master catalogue scent reference for your own records that will be a free item to add to your cart. We hope that you get one and hang on to it, so this will save us time and paper! The entire catalogue is, of course, on the website, but we think this might be fun too.

And finally .. the wrapping! We will still wrap things nicely but much more simply. If you're a huge fan of our extreme-luxe-fancy wrapping, or you're getting a gift for someone, or whatever it may be - that will be an add on item as well. It will be priced based on # of bottles, with 6 piece sample packs counting as 1 item. More information will be on the site! .

So, we hope you guys understand and aren't too upset about these changes. Ultimately, you guys want the product quickly, and our old system was getting in the way. We may be trying out a few new things in the coming months, but we hope to maintain the fun and personality that started this all. Thanks so much everybody!! .

Why do I have to sign with Xpresspost?

We know it's super annoying to have to go and sign for a package versus having it dropped off easily in your mailbox, but signatures are required to ship Xpresspost to USA. Expedited isn't though and it's only signature-required for orders to the States, and not to Canada. It's jus the way it works, and we promise we're not trying to make it harder on anyone to get their items!

How big are your bottles?

Our scents come in various sizes: 1.5mL, 3mL and 6mL. You can click here to view images of all our bottles! 

What is the Unlisted Fragrance for?

The unlisted fragrance option is for those who wish to purchase a custom scent they have created previously, or to inquire/purchase a past scent that we may or may not have. To inquire, please use the "Contact About Order" form!

How do I order another bottle of a custom fragrance I made ages ago?

See above, (Unlisted Fragrance Option!).

What is the difference between your standard and High Concentration oils?

Our standard perfume oils are an industry standard, with the fragrance oil to carrier oil ratio being between 40%-60%. The HC oils are a much higher level of fragrance oil, around 80%-100%. These are very strong, scent wise but also chemically. They are not typically used for skin-only application as they can cause irritation and redness. Many people were requesting HC oils in order to scent other products, such as lotions or shampoo, to use in a room diffuser, or to put into their hair oils. Please be advised when purchasing all oils, but especially HC oils to do a patch test before applying to sensitive areas. Do not apply perfume oil right out of the shower, as your skin is more sensitive then 


Canada & USA: $10 tracked shipping - This method of shipping generally takes within 3-7 business days within Canada and 5-14 business days in the United States. We had to update the shipping to only be tracked due to the insane high volume of lost packages. We hope to return to our low-cost shipping method, but we need to be sure packages won't be missing again!

International: $7.50 regular Letter-Mail Shipping - Due to tracked shipping being over $40 INTL normally, we are leaving the untracked option here, but with only one replacement package or refund if the package does not arrive. 

Orders will be shipped via Canada Post. If applicable, the tracking number will be provided to you as soon as possible.

Turn Around Time (TAT):

Regular orders: 14-18 Business Days and

Custom fragrance: N/A

(unless otherwise specified on main page).

This method is dependent on weight, so there is also the possibility you will receive two packages (labeled “Package 1 of 2” and “Package 2 of 2” respectively). If you receive only one package (with a label on the upper right side of the envelope indicating another) please contact us.

As of 2018-07-16, the local post office will no longer accept envelopes containing non-paper materials (person-to-person), but will still allow shipping via deposit mailbox.

Unfortunately, this can delay shipping by as much as 24 hours and there is also a possibility that the envelope will not be accepted and returned to our original address (if this happens, we will ship again via express tracked parcel at no additional cost to you).


All sales are final, however if you are unsatisfied with your order please contact us here.

If you are looking for information on our fragrance formulation, carrier oils and concentration, please go to Stereoplasm's Fragrances under the Indie Perfume Guide tab, or click here.