Are your ingredients safe?

All of our products are guaranteed premium quality, paraben/phthalates(DEHP/DBP)-free and thoroughly tested for impurities/irregularities before use. I only purchase from reputable suppliers when sourcing my fragrance ingredients and am happy to answer any questions about the quality and sourcing of our materials. In-house natural oils (early 2022) will be sourced from organic/pesticide-free herb, botanicals, (etc) and produced in a sterilized environment. 

How long do I "rest" perfume? What is "resting"?

Perfume should rest for at least 24 hours on delivery but no more than 1 week is  needed (in my opinion, ymmv!). Resting is simply leaving your fragrance alone to settle for a while, preferably in the darkness (she's moody like that). This allows the fragrance to settle and develop on your skin the way the perfumer intended. Generally deeper/darker scents take longer to develop/rest than lighter/softer scents (and will need more application as lighter notes tend to be more fleeting). 

Are your perfumes photosensitive? 

All fragrance will degrade when exposed to direct UV sunlight over time. I do recommend keeping the fragrance tucked away if you don't use very often. However in my experience, it'll keep up just fine for a couple years on a dresser or in a bathroom with a window. 

Is your fragrance high concentration?

Yes - all current perfume is sold at maximum concentration. Premade accords, enfleurage, aroma chems do contain fractionated coconut oil and/or DPG or fragrance that may cause irritation (additional sun protection should still be used with citrus fragrance).

Even though fragrance is at maximum concentration, "lighter" more "traditionally feminine" scents (and citruses!) must be applied more often than deeper or more "traditionally masculine" scents (which can last hours, if not days on some skin types). 

I'm not happy with the smell of my fragrance. Can I exchange it?

Please contact me at meaghan@stereoplasm.ca if you are unhappy with your fragrance or order. Unfortunately, as perfume is subjective all sales are final unless an issue of quality is suspected as an official rule. A great place to swap unloved indies: Sunday Swaps on Indie Makeup & More 

How big are your bottles?

Our scents come in various sizes: 0.5mL (doll) 1.8mL ("Pocket Roller"/Circular glass bottle with roller ball), 4.5mL ("Munchkin"/Short square glass bottle with roller ball) and 7.5mL ("High Roller"/Tall Square bottle with roller ball)

I've bought a ready-to-go fragrance and pre-ordered another. Will I have to wait up to 21 days for both? 

Possibly - it is assumed the order will be shipped intact when the pre-ordered fragrance is ready. If you would like two separate shipments, please let me know which carrier you'd prefer and I can invoice the difference. If your order is over the free shipping threshold of $80.00 and you're requesting two separate shipments, one shipment would be free and the other invoiced.