Happily Ever Animal - Charity Donations

All Stereoplasm scents are vegan and cruelty free - as are its members! Meaghan (founder) and Norah (creative director) are both plant based, and avid animal lovers. In order to spread the Stereoplasm love and give back to this this beautiful planet, we are SO excited to announce that the sale of our Monthly Animal Charity Scents are now live!!

Proceeds from the sales of our Monthly Animal Charity Scents will be donated to farm sanctuaries all over Canada! To help as many as possible, we're going to be picking new farms and sharing their page and critters with you - and the current donations are going to....

Happily Ever Esther! 

(From their site:) Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary, located in Campbellville, Ontario, Canada, was founded in 2014. Since it began, Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary has been dedicated to rescuing abused, neglected, and abandoned farmed animals. Our goal is to provide a safe, life-long home for all of our residents, and to educate the public about the true nature of farmed animals through tours, volunteer programs, and community outreach.



We encourage everyone to visit their site, farm, or page and donate or share as you are able! We are proud to be able to donate to such a wonderful farm, and to share the experience with you! Past farms will be listed below, and the farm we are currently donating to will be listed above! We will be posting our receipts of donations on our Instagram, and will have a link to those photos as they become available! THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE!!

Past Farms: