La Vita a Lecce - Notes List

In Pace, in Fiori (In peace, in flowers): Bougainvillea, wisteria covered stone walls,  green leaves, blossoming black locust tree, sun-baked sampietrini, orange blossom honey, a cotton dress. 

La Mia Magia! (My Magic!): Velvet carpet, melting beeswax candles, dusty vials of dragon's blood, gilded rosewood wooden mask, labdanum, crackling electricity, well-worn playing cards.

La Tazza (the ceramic cup cappuccino comes in): Flaky croissant, iced marocchino dusted with cocoa powder, antique porcelain and rich agarwood.

Cachi e Frizzante (Lemon & Prosecco):  A sparkling flute of prosecco, lemon soda, a slice of white ginger, orange-ricotta cookies and blackcurrant cordial.