Master Scent List


WINTER/SPRING 2023: systema naturae

Necterie - Winter agave nectar, glassed chokeberry, blue magnolia, peach skin and purple tourmaline

[frozen petrichor agave/magnolia-iris/chokeberry/natural peach/purple amber]

Reverie - Frozen pollen, prickly gooseberry vine, raw cashmere wool and midnight blooming primrose

[aldehydic-powdery floral musk/gooseberry fougere/cashmere/wild primrose]

Solar Croakus - An inner effervescence heightened by notes of warm patchouli, bronze crocus, dry sandalwood, sun flare ozone and warm skin musk

[patchouli/sandalwood/bronze crocus/warm ozone/skin musk]

Lunar Anura - Vintage chypre, tidal waves, pearlescent amber, moon musk and white morning glory

[vintage chypre/ocean/pearl amber/moon musk/morning glory]

Frog Dew - A dewy coat scented by notes of swamp azalea, wild basil, bergamot, luminescent marsh gas and devil fruit

[dew/swamp azalea/wild basil/bergamot/damp ozone/nightshade]

Magma Marble - Smooth hot marble, fossil dust, salt heliotrope, wormwood, copper and pimento leaf

[hot marble/fossil dust/salt heliotrope/copper/pimento leaf]

Hyacinthian - Hyacinth, petrified blackberry, shale leather, Cananga flower, entombed incense smoke and salted hieroglyphs 

[dry blackberry/dirty black leather/incense/old stone/stone salt/ylang ylang]

Popsilica - Blue ice-pop slush in flat crystal cola with cool quartz, pixie powder and a handful of theater popcorn

[blue ice pop/cola/sugar powder/silica accord/salt/movie popcorn]

Ancestor - Chaga-blueberry leaf tea, chamomile balm, iron, clubmoss, frozen dirty wool and blueberry butter tarts 

[chaga-blueberry tea/phenolic chamomile/moss/dirt/wool/metal/blueberry tart]

Sugibrite - Jeweled champagne fruit grounded in primordial amber, sugared ether and wet shelfstone 

[champagne fruit/dark amber/sugared ozone/water/stone]

ExcitationFrothed Irish cream with rye whiskey, evaporated milk, wild honey and chocolate covered coffee beans

[Irish cream/rye/evaporated milk/wild honey/chocolate/coffee bean]

Snow Bloom - Frosted cherry blossom, winter violet, French musk and club soda

[camphorous peach blossom/cool ozone/violet/French musk/cherry soda]

Fairy Frost - Frosted fairy breath, clean baby skin, frozen bath bubbles and pink bubblegum

[camphorous-fairy musk/skin musk/bubble bath/bubble gum]

Firelyck - Warm cardamom amber, cinnamon infused sandalwood, rosa petals and dragon blood tongue

[cardamom-amber/cinnamon-sandalwood/fire rose accord/dragon's blood]

Opaline - Iridescent heavy stones of opalized amber, birds of paradise, frozen yucca and lacquered teak

[pearl-stone/opal-amber accord/birds of paradise/cold yucca/camphorous teak]

Perdotmint - Gems of concorde pear, crushed spearmint, iced green tea and classic jade accord

[pear/spearmint/green tea/jade-amber accord]

Peel - Spiraled peels of heaven scent Valencia orange, lumia lemon with perfectly ripe strawberries and banana

[orange/strawberry/banana/fruity ozone/lemon]

Plume - Lazy blooms of sundance plumeria and blue freesia trail behind smoking sugar plums whistling to the earth

[plumeria/freesia/sugar plum/light smoke]

Powder - Heavily powdered wings, creeping monstera vine, cocooned oak and moth silk

[strong powder/fougere/oakmoss/silk/white oak]

Yellowbird - Wedges of tangelo, pineapple and lime in spiced vanilla garnished with diamond frost and mint 


Snowmallow - Bright pineapple, tangelo and Mojito mint buried under heavy vanilla and heaps of coconut cream

[vanilla/pineapple/tangelo/coconut cream/mint/lime/white rum]

Previous Monthly Fragrance:

September - November: --No New Fragrance/Requested & random samples--

August: Frog Dew - A dewy coat scented by notes of swamp azalea, wild basil, bergamot, luminescent marsh gas and devil fruit (Available Oct. 15)

July: Summer Salt - Cool frayed denim, turquoise amber, fuzzy tomato vine, sea salt, Wink soda and baby oil  (Rescheduled for purchase mid-September due to August clearance sale) (Available Oct. 15)

June: Froot Lute - A plucky morning rehearsal of fragrant lemongrass rings,  rich goats cream, Canadian spruce and Mamajuana

May: Yellowbird - Wedges of tangelo, pineapple and lime in spiced vanilla garnished with diamond frost and mint 

April: Raspbunny - Creamy light pink chocolate with fluffy peaks of sugary yellow marshmallow


(Spring 2022)

Fleurascent: Brilliant white poppy,  plume moss, Juniper ash, links of daisy and thorny Roseberry 



(Spring 2022)

Berry Milk Bath: Polka raspberries melt into clean soapy bubbles and velvety cream

Raspbunny: Creamy light pink chocolate with fluffy peaks of sugary yellow marshmallow

Rickey: Old Tom Gin and muddled cilantro impress upon star wedges of Mary Ellen Sweet Lime in bubbly soda

Raspanilla: Tart raspberry jam, vanilla beans (with seed), licorice, golden sugar, yeast, orange soda, sarsaparilla, birch and sassafras root bark (garnished with mint)




(Winter 2021)

Bananaimo: Smooth banana custard, crushed graham crackers in dark chocolate, shredded coconut and sugared almonds

Florentine: Rolled macadamia biscuits sandwiched between rich chocolate drizzled with toffee butter and manuka honey
Lemon Meringue Macaron: Delicate meringue lightly toasted to perfection! Made with fresh lemon zest, dusty almond flour and buttery creamed sugar

November Cakes: Fluffy sticky rolls, lightly spiced with nutmeg, smothered in zesty orange glaze steaming hot and fresh from the oven


(Fall 2021)

Dr. Tesseract: Cool amaretto, anise star, cherry cola, allspice, caramelized carrot, citrus rind, chewy ginger molasses cookies, tomato leaf, sassafras, prune leaf and raspberry vanilla cream

Comet Corn: Crunchy clods of caramel corn with coconut-cream chocolate, jet puffed marshmallow and Europa sea salt
Frequency Operator: Warm skin, orange blossom honey, angel's trumpets, spiced rum and tobacco

Thirty-Three Hz: Blue moon roses, hard crack toffee, chipped porcelain and hazelnut cream

Flatland Girls: Drunken plum, pickled ginger, cherry pits, clove bud and white chocolate
Etherian Rhapsody: Cream soda, radish hearts, reptilian scales, dragon fruit and yuzu butter
Running Up That Dune: Aldehyde [circa 1985], crème de cassis, violet, impatiens and copper sand
Venusian Moon: Juicy bamboo, sun dried suede, eucalyptus oil guava and cactus juice
Paradoxical Faith: Cold wet cranberries, driftwood, afterglow water lily, sea salt and ocean mist
Don't Tell Mom the Witch is Dead: Ruby red grapefruit, fermenting crab apple, dry musk and extra strength hair gel 


(Spring 2021: a very special farewell concept by former Creative Director Kacy Lin)

Taro Milk Tea: Loose black tea leaves steeped in lightly sweetened milk and blended with sweet, creamy taro root. 

Jasmine Green Milk Tea: Loose green tea leaves and jasmine flowers steeped in lightly sweetened milk and whisked with a teaspoon of finely ground matcha. 
Honey Butter Crisp: Lightly whipped and clovered honey drizzled on peppery, sea-salted chips. Super buttery, sweet and salty... with a little kick of spice. 

Bouncy Boba: A delightfully chewy boba–made from tapioca flour mixed with sugar and rolled into bite-sized balls. They're carefully boiled for 35 minutes and sprinkled with the tiniest splash of milk to create the most tantalizing add-on to any tea! 

Hope Tea: Walking through the garden, the plum blossoms are in bloom. Two little hands hold a cup of oolong tea steamed with rice milk. Ylang-ylang and yuzu grow in the garden. Grandma sneaks a sugar cube into the little one's hands–a hint of sweetness to dampen the bitter tea.


Plum blossoms, oolong tea, rice milk, ylang ylang, sugar and yuzu. Profits from Hope Tea are going to be donated to the Chinese Canadian National Council - For Social Justice.



Spring 2021

Paperback Cafe: Sitting in a cozy cafe with a well-worn book, you nurse a steaming Earl Grey latte. Beside you is a ripe Japanese plum and some ginger candies to help with your studies. The smell of creme brulee permeates your space–bourbon vanilla custard–as you hear the snap of a perfectly crunchy caramelized shell. 

Garden HideawayIn the soft Saturday showers, a basket of freshly picked apricots, rhubarb, basil and tea rose hang from your arm as you stroll through the garden. The orange and cherry blossoms are blooming–their creamy softness cut with the spicy greens. You pull your flannel tighter as the rain kisses your hair. 



December 2020 Mini Collection
Weather Girl: Ambitious vanilla (and coconut) manipulates sweet lavender and carefree wildflowers. Sweet and potent, yet soft and lingering.
Cool Weather Girl: Fruit and vanilla are more muted under frosty blue lavender. Misty, ozonic and intensely nostalgic. 
Clean Weather Girl: Smooth vanilla (and coconut) refreshed by natural bergamot, Sicilian lemon and demure orange blossom. Feminine, bright and invigorating.



Soft Cat: Sunday morning biscuits, sticky marshmallow fluff, warm vanilla toe beans and soft mews under piles of sun-dried cashmere

Munchie Cat: Freshly baked pot cookies with baked kettle chips, raspberry pie filling and a tall glass of chocolate milk.

Snoozy Cat: Soft cotton candy purrs of sweet baby's breath, french lavender, dreamy garden thyme and a hint of chamomile.

Stretchy Cat: Soothing green tea garnished with fresh lemon, mint and tangerine peel served with a big bowl of bergamot-zest sorbet.

Ballroom Cat: Hot pink organza, two glasses of French 75, fuchsia, stiletto squeezed grapefruit while safely tucked away in designer leather.

Orchard Cat: A basket of Braeburn apples, sea-salted caramel, crushed cloves and a cinnamon stick in hot mulled cider.

Crunchy Cat: Crisp mountain air, douglas fir needles, chewed catberry branches and clumsy pinecones chased around the thick forest floor.

Boho Cat: Book-pressed roses, freshly picked rosemary, dusty charcoal, linseed twine and soft jasmine incense.

Yelling Cat: Squashed petunia petals, deep amber eyes, furry paws deeply dug into warm dirt and a long, satisfying howl at the midday sun.




November 2020 Mini Collection

Lovesick Lake: Bright pink and heartbreakingly optimistic; cotton candy served with thick strawberry cheesecake and sour lemon squares on a hot rainy day.

Totally in Love: Soft purple and glowing from within; raspberry cotton candy with a delicate bouquet of jasmine, rose and heliotrope while shadows dance at sunset.
Sick of Love: Light blue and delightfully empowering; elderberry cotton candy melting into blue tansy and freshly popped champagne on a cool rainy night
Friday the 13th 2020 Exclusive
Saturday the 14th: Bubbling ginger beer with a splash of rye, orange bitters, fresh lime, crushed clove and nutmeg.





Like Us: Mulberry silk, coffin dust, champagne truffles, Florida water and Bordeaux rouge.

Almost a Year: Snuffed perique tobacco, dirty wool, cemetery air, death cap, cereus and petrichor.

No Skin On: Squishy pumpkin entrails, candy cigarettes, dry forest needles and cobweb glue.

Dark, Dark: Roasted chicory root, protective rock salt, rugosa rose, ancient myrrh and carnation petals.

...And Me!: Blinking mahogany walls, valerian root, midnight sandalwood oil, spiced rum, gold rust.

The Teeth: Bosc pear, black fur, pennyroyal tea stains and burnt out match books.

The Green Ribbon: Crushed velvet, roasted pumpkin seeds, creaking sandalwood floorboards, beheaded flower stems, skin musk, lies and deceit. 

Norah's Special Scent 
The Autumn People: Grinning jack-o-lanterns, dripping red wax, fallen leaves, croaking mulch, shivering cardamom pods, a freshly hanged juju bag glittering in the rafters and an old page from the Witch's Almanac.



October 2020 Mini Collection
Enjoy Your Waffles: A welcoming breakfast of homemade waffles with plenty of maple syrup, coffee and fresh-squeezed orange juice. Superseded by manipulative whispers from a garden of white daises, heliotrope and magnolia.
The Great Owl: Ancient amber, frankincense, benzoin and champaka in a hollow draped in thick cobwebs, glowing citronella and vetiver root.
The Star Leaf: Morning dew, rich soil, nurturing chamomile, mossy stone, fresh herbs and all the star leaves you can eat.



Probably Balloons: Uranium, tobacco fields, sunset musk, splintered teak, geranium and doll's eye.

The Ghost Rockets: Fresh marshmallow, candy rockets, cuckoo bread, meteor dust, lily of the valley and hazel.

Phantom of Flatwoods: Virginia pine, honey locust, gray dogwood, maiden silvergrass and mist flower.

Autokinesis: Blueberry ozone, wild ravensara, crushed daisies, silver fir and phenolic catnip.

Missing Time: White thyme, dalmatian sage, burnt sweet birch, rosalina, belladonna petals and petitgrain.

Nocturnal Light: Glowing red amber, star anise, mandrake accord, Egyptian tagetes and blue cypress.



Summer 2020 Mini Collection 

Eye of the Beholder: Soft white musk, ace bandages, rosewood, tears and bindweed

Perchance to Dream: Blue amber, lute strings, dark patchouli, black cardamom seeds, mace and hourglass sand

Mirror Image: True moss, twinflower, freesia, tweed, crepe myrtle and fear



May 2020 Mini Collection

Daybreak: Cool rain, dried fig, fresh cut grass, muddled tomato leaf, warm sweater, wet tea leaves, green cardamom pods, tilled mulch, yellow dandelion, hybrid tea rose. 

Golden Hour: Tatarian honeysuckle, lemon basil, crab grass, garden tomato leaf, sunset musk, cilantro, peeled rhubarb, sun shower, pink carnation, daisy stems.



Cotton Barrel:(raw cotton/cork/fougere/white oak) - Brushed and ginned cotton in a corked oak barrel (found behind the “Cork & Hammock factory” east of the white oak forest).


Binary Sonata:(vintage musk, forest berry accord, thyme, ether) - Arrangement of notes said to materialize rare or extinct fruit, herbs, berries and experiences (forbidden music node that disorients and causes general confusion).


Mayflower Fleece:(spun sugar/light chamomile/candied ginger/earl grey) - fluffy orange clouds of sweet and zesty mayflower fleece (the official treat of the Mayweed Festival).


Toasted Matchimellow:(matcha/mimosa/cream/toasted marshmallow/humidity) - Bright green ice cream baked inside marshmallow meringue (usually found during summer months in cafe midi).


Wild Mayweed:(dew/chamomile/cotton/root & soil) - A bundle of dewy, wild mayweed wrapped in a clean cotton cloth (Root Intact).


Sand Euspira: (sea salt/dried sea weed/ocean/shell accord) - Small, extremely fragile blue and white shell, fresh and salty-aquatic! (often found on Bearclaw Beach).


Lavender Scarab: (golden amber/English lavender/blackberry/incense) - A lavender-winged and iridescent beetle encased in golden amber (traded for blackberry incense at the southern temple).


Potted Chiptunia: (petunia/leaf/fresh soil/clay/static) - A refreshing, inhibiting flower, grown and engineered in Chiptown. Be sure to follow the local traditional custom of telling it your fears and secrets (a non-negotiable gift from the town of Chiptown to all new and current residents).


Sensation Vulgaris: (jasmine/lilac/skin musk/sage/white pepper) - Intoxicating night-blooming shrub, traditionally oil-pressed in herbs and musk (a local hybrid that blooms every year during the true love festival).


Monster Parts: (tomato leaf/salt/camphor/ozone/Indica) - A mysterious and camphorous ingredient located inside the mayor's locked tomato garden (powerful, ozonic and slightly medicinal although weakens your energy in large doses. Not for the faint of heart!).


Enchanted Dew Drop: (dew/jade/light smoke/stone moss) - A glowing vial containing healing dew from the misty peak of treacherous Mount Eumedes (will appear in rain during spring equinox if an acceptable offering of fire is made).


Star Trader: (silk musk/ground pearl/bing cherry/lemon zest/pistachio cream) - Tall, mysterious and elusive merchant. Will trade pearl star flask for cherry-lemon ice cream (sitting beside the indigo bush on top of the alps at dusk).



Forest Creatures
Salacious Snail: Dew on canopy leaves, forest moss, bleeding hearts, androgynous musk and sea salt.
Darling Doe: Meadows of black-eyed Susan, pink clover, lemon verbena, switchgrass, pyrite soil and Lancelot crabapple.
Melancholy Moose: Endless black spruce, aspen bark, pine cones, blackberry, oak moss and wet leaves.



I Love Peaches!
Fuzzy: Light-amber maple sugared peach gummies with bright key lime zest, squeeze of lemon and touch of black cherry.
Pêche Immortelle: Saturn peach and aged cognac enclosed in humid jade glass, unearthed after midnight alongside dewy blooms of star jasmine and clary sage
Sun Blush: Nearly-naked (and perfectly ripe) fresh peach slices with a hint of ginger root, mulled Rosé wine and fresh marshmallow crème.
Valentine's Day Bonus Scent:
Love & Chainsaws: Bruised black cherry, red spider lily, driftwood, rusty chains and mossy wetlands



Holy Jolly Misfits Part 1: Hermey Doesn't Like to Make Toys
Yukon Cornelius: Elderflower bark, gum juniper, blue glacier, quaking aspen and flannel musk.
Winter Warlock: Astro red poinsettia, whispering wind, twisted candy cane and melting vanilla ice cream
King Moonracer: Oceanic musk, cool night air, sea salt, pu-erh tea and night-blooming jasmine.

 Black Friday 2019 Exclusive

Snow on StoneFrozen december soil, valerian root, black cohosh, crushed pearl, lake ice and ambergris.




Candle in the Window: Melting beeswax candles, linden honey, chilled air from an open window, freshly-rolled tobacco cigarettes and flint.

Jam Tart: Spanish Seville & ginger marmalade, shortcrust pastry, carmine, crepe paper, drops of belladonna and rose petal rouge.

Chimney Sweep: Conifer trees, resinous pinecone, crumbling soot, aged brick, Russian leather, cologne musk and gin sweetened with black licorice.

Copper Kettle: Smouldering embers, woodsmoke, newspaper kindling, Imperial black tea held by flannel mittens and lavender scones.

Librarian: Vintage perfume, rosewater, aged paper, velvet upholstery, cherrywood, cognac, orange butter and mulling spices.

Bleak House: Dusty carpet, labdanum, dark chocolate, leather shoes, pits of plum, hourglass sand and obsidian musk.

Spectres in Dresses: Faded ivory lace, tortoiseshell aigrette, powdered-skin musk, dried jasmine petals, white amber and silk chemise.

Crinoline: Linen extrait de Parfum, ash lye, blue lace macarons, white tea, hazelnut truffles, peppermint and almond petit fours.

Mourning Glory: Thick black velvet curtains, bruised palmarosa leaves, Shanghai spice, wilted white carnations and bible leather.

Victoria: Devon cream, blueberry Langues de Chat, brocade, English ivy, guillotine blades, rust and granite.

Humbug: Twirling hard caramel, spiced rum, 2 whole cloves, fresh nutmeg, a gingerbread biscuit, sprinkle of cinnamon and a grumpy disposition.

Wilde: Sugared black plums, scorching brandy, clove, a dollop of spiced vanilla cream, spilled ink, sharp wit, lingering cologne.



In Pace, in Fiori (In peace, in flowers): Bougainvillea, wisteria covered stone walls,  green leaves, blossoming black locust tree, sun-baked sampietrini, orange blossom honey, a cotton dress. 

La Mia Magia! (My Magic!): Velvet carpet, melting beeswax candles, dusty vials of dragon's blood, gilded rosewood wooden mask, labdanum, crackling electricity, well-worn playing cards.

La Tazza (the ceramic cup cappuccino comes in): Flaky croissant, iced marocchino dusted with cocoa powder, antique porcelain and rich agarwood.

Cachi e Frizzante (Lemon & Prosecco):  A sparkling flute of prosecco, lemon soda, a slice of white ginger, orange-ricotta cookies and blackcurrant cordial.

Bumblywitch Fare: Country spice cake, chocolate chip cookies orange cream and warm hazelnut coffee.

Miss Pollywobble: Chopped maplewood, chimney smoke, english breakfast tea, gingerbread and black currant jam.

Dreaming Kitten: Soft bed sheets sweetened with honeysuckle, bergamot, ginger and himalayan fur.



Unholy Water: Barbed wire and rust, sacrificial blood orange, cursed saffron licked by flames of a burning chapel. 

Mandrake: Pumpkin vines and flesh, wet cobblestones, toadstools in soft mulch, cinnamon bark, decaying leaves, wild tobacco.

Moon Milk: Crumbs from almond tuiles and lavender sugar dust, one last sip of Fortuna tea leaves left behind in a porcelain cup reveal chilled chiffon cream illuminated by a single flame glinting off the gold filigree.

Owl Eyes: Ancient Joshua tree, labdanum, golden amber eyes, a toasted sliver of rye bread, intoxicating sticky resin and Arabian myrrh.

Cordial of Curiosity: Quivering jellied rose, bitter cranberry, black currant, deep red amber, marjoram and a metallic drop of your lover's blood.

Skeleton Polish: A quicksilver mirror reflects plumes of opium smoke surrounding sugared pears, a goblet of emerald-green absinthe and black silk.

Mischief Mash: A wooden bowl carved by moonlit fae, steel-cut Irish oats, dragon's milk, an ambrosia raisin or two, brown sugar walnuts toasted on a dusty wood stove.

Batwing Brew: Delicate seeds of sesame, rich wood-smoked vanilla, buckwheat honey, crystallized ginger root, eye of plumeria and leathery wing of bat.

Click, Click, Slide: Sweet black cherry, lapsang souchong, a still warm hearth, Peru Balsam, Cherry cognac, powdered tonka bean.

The Thirteenth Hour: Powdered henna, black chai tea, saffron, cauldron iron, bleached bone, a broken wax seal, a trapdoor hidden under dry hay.

Woman in White: Juniper, white sage, Heather, a blueberry bush drenched in evening dew, soft fur, sweet pea.

The Green Ribbon: Crushed velvet, roasted pumpkin seeds, creaking sandalwood floorboards, beheaded flower stems, skin musk, lies and deceit. 

The Graveyard Shift: black coffee spiked with whiskey, wet dirt underfoot, clove cigarettes, a sticky, warm cinnamon bun, the distant sound of a ringing bell.



Les Belles Dames Sans Merci

Temptress of the Ancients: Dried lavender, joshua tree, hanging gardens, magnolia champaca, camphor and fresh fig

Rubies from your Lips: Twilight musk, smoked woodsage, carnation corsage, holy water, green clove, damp soil and grave moss.

His heart to Drink: Sour blackberries, lodestone, deer musk, willow oak, copper, faded cologne and silver crucifix.

Cartoon Creature Features Volume 1 & 2

Bewitched Rabbit: Poisoned green apple, splintered broom sticks and peach hyde formula.

Scaredy Cats: Sheet white marshmallow, midnight sugar cookies and an extinguished candle.

The Great Pumpkin Slice: Buttery popcorn balls, freshly baked pumpkin pie and raspberry lady fingers.

The Skeleton Dance: Howling midnight air, hollow bones, cat fur, soil and pixie sticks. 

Schnooker & Schnapps: Drowsy autumn peaches, spindly scarecrow cotton, bitter ale and smashed pumpkin.

Chernabog Mountain: Shadowy vetiver and horn root, russian caravan, ozone and blood orange.


Friday the 13th Exclusive
Friday the 13th: Quiet frankincense, elderflower wine, campfire smoke, axe wood, dead leaves and teen spirit.



Mixed Tapes - SUMMER 2019

Sunday Morning: Banana popsicle, vintage furs, edelweiss and salted margarita

Flowers in the rain: Warm rain, carnation corsage, pink musk and passion fruit.

Caesura: Fresh mango, grapefruit tea, c a n n a b i s, snake melon and myrrh

Early reflections:Pink grapefruit, melted shea butter, warm skin, yuzu rind, ripe guava and crushed pineapple

Jellybones: Iced green tea with sparkling pear, ruby red and lime juice

Grieve in Stereo: Graveyard flower, vanilla sugar, doll hair, empire apple and antique wood

Poseur: Pink sugar, vinyl, borrowed cologne, hairspray and clove cigarettes

303: Synthesized watermelon, hollow woods, neon lime and peyote



Summer Coolers

Soothe: Green tea float with peppermint schnapps and a hint of saffron.

Evoke: summer cauldron brew with mandelo, moonflower and ground fairy dust.

Indulge: melted orange creamsicle, toasted waffle cone and juicy gummy bears.

Refresh: Lemon chamomile tea, tangerine zest and white grapefruit blossom.


Banilla Dreams

Banilla Bomb: Banana, sour cherry, sugared blackberries, french vanilla and peach syrup

Banilla Cloud: Banana, fresh marshmallow, vanilla cream, white chocolate and hazelnut

Banilla Sugar: Banana, pink sugar, magnolia, classic vanilla, fuchsia and cotton candy

Banilla Leaf: Banana, spicy vanilla, nightshade and hot banana peppers



The Cake: Rich vanilla cake with zesty tangerine frosting, decorated with pale pink peach blossoms and freshly blown-out candles - wax melting slightly and sending happy curls of smoke into the air. 

The Presents: A jar of homemade apricot jam, the worn pages of a favourite book, a golden yellow beeswax candle, a soft cashmere scarf to keep you cozy all year long.

The Teapot: Steaming steeped black tea with bergamot, orange rind, dark tonka and budding roses - steamy and comforting, with a floral fruitiness that warms from within.


 INKED CLUB - 2019

Red Dagger:  Tomato leaf, crab apple blossom adrenaline, rich soil, pimento, honeycrisp apple, moonlit metal, northern lights c a n n a b i s

Two Sparrows: Wild honeysuckle, chamomile tea, sprawling stone ivy, white pepper, peace lily, soft rain, elderberry, quill and ink. 

Flora & Fauna: Golden amber, vanilla bean, pink grapefruit, orange jessamine, victoria rhubarb, flowering peony, smoked sandalwood.

O Captain, my Captain!: Navy rum, leather scabbard, coconut hair, sliced pineapple, ocean, cigar smoke and morning fog.


 ELEMENTS - 2019

AIR: clean, fresh, dappled light. A deep inhale, a cold nose, a white curtain dancing with the wind.

WATER: still, deep, nostalgic, quiet. Wet stones under dark water, muffled sounds, tiny bubbles making their escape 

EARTH: Comfort, rustling, dusk: green things that spring back at your touch, dew in your hair, dirt on your hands, green light that surrounds.

FIRE: Heat, wide-eyes, smoke, power. Stars above, flames around, smoke like grey ink in the hot, black air of a summer night.


 SPRING 2019

April Vinyl : Burnt-out black currant, grapefruit cider, vintage cotton and blue lotus absolute. (Transforms from creamy on warm skin to spicy and herbaceous in cool weather).

 Art Star: Raw denim, crushed tobacco and fresh wet paint. Top notes of vintage cherry blossom, kerosene and sparkling pink lemonade.

Charades: Classic purple lilac, lazy handfuls of new grass, slippery stone moss, heliotrope and peppery geranium leaf.

Cozy Starling: Warm sandalwood, sweet fresh hay, alluring ylang ylang and zesty bergamot. Lingering top notes of under-ripe green berries, dried beach grass and crimson dragon’s blood.

Orange is Technocolour: Orange blossom petals with shea butter, house-distilled tangerine oil and apricot jam.

Lights Across the Sky: Circles of sun-bleached wheat, twilight musk, English lavender and upturned fennel bulbs. Shaking saucers under steaming cups of Earl Grey sink into comforting vanilla cream.

Divine: Gooey cherry cake batter, burnt marzipan, fresh cinnamon leaf, orange zest, warm chai cream and roasted hazelnut.

Scorpling: Hopeful and bright young tulip stems, green cactus, sun dried leather, burnt ironwood and tall flowering lilac grass.

First Bloom: Peach and apricot blossoms, french musk and sparkling cream soda.

Stolen Aura: Classic golden amber accord, spiced plum wine, worn vintage suede, pink pepper and thinly sliced sassafras root

Hybrid Perpetual: Book-pressed antique rose, oak moss, a rush of ozone over rolling tide, cucumber flower and honeyed violet borage

Ostara: Black plum and ancient musk, blue cornflower, oud and vetiver

Lace Paisley: A generous cup of white sugar melted over sweet orange blossoms, juicy aloe and oversized pink peonies

Mogwai: Mulled Eastern spice poured over baby crab apple peel, wild chestnut and resinous champa. Scattered and falling ashes of burnt sage, wild hemlock and ancient dark jade




Part 1: Lost Civilizations

Eye of the Sahara: Ancient spice, lovegrass, ambergris and sea salt beneath hot sand.

Sleeping Giants: Stone moss, bearded iris, carbon, wildflowers and petrified wood.

World’s Fair 1893: Plum brandy, genisteae, melted steel, powdered porcelain and stained glass.

Part 2: Cryptids

Mothman: grey vetiver, phalaenopsis, red cardamom and a hint of sulphur.

Ozark Howler: fallen dogwood leaves, warm fur and white horehound.

Ogopogo: Cool Rippling lake, water lily, seaweed and snake skin.




The Sky is Falling: Pink ozone, trampled tulips, skyline crocus and delicate candy shells.

The Velveteen Stranger: Stolen peaches, yellow marshmallow, chopped cedar, blackberry aftershave and cigar smoke.

Last Dance: Vintage amber, creamy heliotrope, bubbly champagne, and freshly picked wildflowers.



Libatious Leprechaun: Aged whiskey and oak reveal prickly pear, spicy ginger and feisty bergamot.

Gone Gnome: Top notes of cilantro and key lime rooted in fresh garden basil, english cucumber and melon blossom.

Green Gremlin: Juicy bamboo, slimy lychee skins, sour green apple cores and rustling tall dry grass.



Kindling: Sweet jasmine incense, sunset musk, fresh s a t i v a and strawberry wine. 

Laissez-Faire: Cool coconut cream whipped together with sugared strawberries and maple syrup over cinnamon and pecan crust.

Bloom & Pucker: Delicate strawberry blossoms, sour lemon candy, strawberry sugar and frosted daiquiri.



Diplomat: Tightly-bound leather pages, grand mahogany and an enfleurage of night-blooming jasmine in saffron and ancient myrrh oil. Base notes of charred clove, royal amber and a touch of smoked sage.

Low Tide: Top notes of watermelon candy, sunscreen and shiny green sea glass. Undercurrents of soaked driftwood and small abandoned whelk shells. 

Wolfe Island: Intoxicating vanilla bourbon rolled over deep green moss and crumbling wet earth. Edges of smoldering birch, sticky calyxes and book-pressed tobacco leaves.

Cool Weather Girl: Fruit and vanilla are more muted under frosty blue lavender. Misty, ozonic and intensely nostalgic. - Currently unavailable as unlisted fragrance

Weather Girl: Ambitious vanilla (and coconut) manipulates sweet lavender and carefree wildflowers. Sweet and potent, yet soft and lingering. - Currently unavailable as unlisted fragrance

Tourist Trap: Enduring base notes of jade resin, hot leather and warm skin open up to sprawling mid-notes of deeply twisted ivy and wild tiger lilies. Lingering notes of crushed blue crab grass and sun-bleached denim on top.

Shiver in the Vines: Concord bordeaux and humid cherrywood. Notes of freshly ground sweet spices, tiny breaths of subdued dragon flower and echoes of frostbitten indigo grape.

Nemesis: A tangled infusion of mulled spice and cream, pressed lemon peel and a drop of bitter neroli. Traces of opium poppy, black walnut fruit and raw cinnamon bark.

Odessa: Subtle yet haunting; fields of yellow wheat and a simple white musk. Bright top notes of fresh peach and yellow custard

Rosemère: Maple tarte au sucre topped with candied apricot and creamy strawberry petals. Delicate rose blush with a touch of pink lily absolute and vintage lace extrait de parfum are detectable closer to the skin.

Lydia: A uniquely transformative scent; opens with lavender, earl grey tea and snips of fresh fennel greens. A flood of soapy emerald green bubbles then rests softly into clean sunset musk. 

Magnifique: Deceptively nuanced pineapple set free to the fresh night air. Deliberate (or possibly accidental) top notes of sinister thyme, cold sweat and fresh blood orange.

Myra: Heady and invigorating; flowering Green Dragon under a torrent of matcha tea with a dash of chartreuse. Soft implications of fresh sativa and pressed powder.

Pixie Beach: Light cedar dock wood over buzzing white water lilies and Holy Basil. Top notes of juicy pink grapefruit dusted with white sugar.



March 2022 (final scent in fundraising monthly animal collection for now)

Rhinoceros: Purple sugar sticks, bois d'arc, kumquat and blossoming Texas Mountain Laurel

February 2022

Porcus/Pig: Pink bubblegum, cinnamon hearts and and spiced whipped cream

January 2022

Cyanocitta cristata/Bluejay: Wild elderberry, oak shavings, loose wool and myrrh

December 2021

Sorex/Shrew: Frozen candy canes buried under fresh sparkling snow and dark chocolate shavings

November 2021

Tamias/Chipmunk: A warm, earthy burrow of dried pine needles, green cardamom pods, forest moss and black tea leaves

October 2021

Ericius/Hedgehog: Raw nutmeg, pumpkin pie, creamy spiced foam, acorn shell and dried clove

Cervus/Deer: Wild lavender, bergamot, musk, patchouli and atlas cedar

August 2021

Leo/Lion: Madagascar vanilla beans, bright lemon blossom, rum and sun dried clove buds 

July 2021

Dragonfly/Anisoptera: Vista bella apples, fresh bundles of basil, golden amber and bergamot zest 

June 2021

Bottleneck Butterfly/Papilio Polyxenes : Lush coral honeysuckle, juicy sugared watermelon and tart white grapefruit

May 2021

Sugar Glider/Petaurus breviceps: Spun pink sugar, dewy bundles of lilac and sweet tree sap

March 2021

a) Blue Magpie: Plum blossom, sandalwood essential oil and butterfly orchid accord! (The official bird of Taiwan!) 

b) Mikado Pheasant: Sweet calamondin, plum blossom, snap dragons and lemon zest

February 2021

 Bos taurus/Metal Ox: Blue moon musk, frozen lichen, juniper and tiny bells of lily

January 2021

Mus Musculus/Little Mouse: Dry woods, bright red currant, soft cardinal flower and a steaming cup of jasmine tea

December 2020

a) Eschrichtus Robustus/Gray Whale: Arctic ocean, tanned leather, tuxedo silk and oriental musk

b) Penguis/Penguin: Creamy hard candy swirled with ribbons of bright raspberry, orange cream and pink sugar

November 2020

a) Lynx Canadensis/Canada Lynx: Frostbitten wild Fairy Bell, vintage tinkerbell dust and tundra moss

b) Panthera Uncia/Snow Leopard: Soft woodsmoke, hot toddy, mountain ozone and mint chutney

October 2020

a) Felis Catus/Cat: Warm sandalwood, labdanum, fresh catnip and classic lavender

b) Prionailurus Bengalensis/Leopard Cat: Sour raspberry gummy fish, sugared lemon peel and blue jolly ranchers

September 2020

a) Carassius Auratus/Goldfish: Bright lemon peel, late blooming nematanthus, bergamot rind and fresh cilantro

b) Inamabilis Sciurus/Squirrel: Overripe blackberries, cracked acorns, toasted hazelnut and French lavender

August 2020

a) Leo/Lion: Tall bana grass, snapping alligator pepper, fever tree, discarded snake skin, oleander and warm fur

b) Hippopotamus: Crushed white ginger tea leaves, juicy pineapple, plumeria, a whole watermelon and light sunscreen

July 2020

a) Delphinus/Dolphin: Blue ocean, pink coral, white water lily and seaweed

b) Phoenicopteri/Flamingo: Pink lemonade, melted ice cream and blooming mango flower

June 2020

a) Et Eruca/Caterpillar: White oak bark with cherry and apple leaf

b) Cotinis Nitida/June Beetle: Sunny ginger with green yarrow and orange leaf.


May (2/2) 2020 - Macropus (Kangaroo): Snapping bubblegum, cane sugar and wild kangaroo paw flower.


May (1/2) 2020 - Ciconia (Crane): Sedge meadows, cattail and marsh gumplant.  


April (2/2) 2020 - Equus (Horse): Wild rose, wind musk and nannyberry


April (1/2) 2020 - Bubalus (Buffalo): Wild bluegrass, dry soil and light patchouli.


March (2/2) 2020 - Acinonyx (Cheetah): Vetiver, light patchouli, feline musk and oak moss.


March (1/2) 2020 - Tigris (Tiger): Creamy orange sherbert, frozen vanilla bean and swirls of sweet fennel.


February (2/2) 2020 - Anguis (Snake): Sweetgrass and snake gourd with cool japanese peppermint.


February (1/2) 2020 - Inter Macacas (Macaque): Cherry blossom, fresh jasmine tea, white orchid and banana peel.


January (2/2) 2020 - Elephantus (Elephant): Cold jasmine tea, fresh ylang ylang and dark amber.


January (1/2) 2020 - Vitula Eligans (Cow): Toasted praline and caramel cookies with hazelnut cashew milk.


December (1/2) 2019 - Rangifer Tarandus (Reindeer): Frankincense sacra, myrrh, holly wreath and douglas fir.


November (2/2) 2019 - Koala Ursus (Koala Bear): Sweet maraschino cherries and hazelnut in a coconut milk chocolate shell [].


November (1/2) 2019 - Plestiodon Fasciatus (Five-lined Skink): Yellow passionfruit, fountaingrass and strawberry guava.


October (3/3) 2019 - Desmondus Rotundus (Vampire Bat): Fiery gumballs, peach keys and fruit punch spiked with copper.


October (2/3) 2019 - Ogyoptynx (Paleocene Owl): Heaps of fresh candy corn, burnt brown sugar, and autumn air.


October (1/3) 2019 - Nigrum Cattus (Black Cat): Sour Gummy Worms, Twist of key lime and lemon soda.


June (1/2) 2019 - Bombus pensylvanicus (American Bumblebee): Foxglove nectar, red clover, dusty pollen and a hint of spiced honey.


May (2/2) 2019 - Lithobates Palustris (Pickerel Frog): Night blooming jasmine, wet grass, algae, and tomato leaf.


May (1/2) 2019 - Stultus Apparuit Postquam Alevatus (Greyhound): Earl grey tea, energetic citrus, sweet cyclamen and quick pawprints in soft dirt.


April (1/1) 2019 - Erethizon Dorsatum (Porcupine) : Wet musk, morning dew, broken twigs and flower buds.


March (2/2) 2019 - Agnus (Lamb): Bright yellow daisies, wild rose, field grass and juniper berry.


March (1/2) 2019 - Rubecula (Robin): Wild blueberries, wet garden mud, nag champa and vintage musk.


February (2/2) 2019 - Puma Concolor (Mountain Lion): Wild cilantro, waterfalls and jolly ranchers candy.


February (1/2) 2019 - Procyon Lotor (Raccoon): Fleshy nectarine, pink grapefruit, cotton candy and bergamot.


January 2019 - Alces Spiritus (Spirit Moose): Crystal lavender, frozen fern and dried winter spices.


September 2018 - Selasphorus Calliope (Calliope Hummingbird): Foxglove Nectar, Honeysuckle and fresh maple leaves.


August (2 of 2) 2018 - Danaus Plexippus (Monarch Butterfly): Snow cones with simple black cherry syrup and pink dusty prairie flowers.


August (1 of 2) 2018 - Ursus Americanus (American Black Bear): Ripe wet blueberries, sweet herbal honey and blue juniper.


July (2 of 2) 2018 - Lutra Canadensis (River Otter): Soothing chai tea with zesty and energetic house tangerine oil. Playful yet warm and inviting!


July (1 of 2) 2018 - Chelydra Serpentina (Snapping Turtle): Refreshing Japanese peppermint with oceanic green tea accord.