*Updated* Shipping Policy

Orders will be shipped within 14 business days or credited/refunded (exceptions below). Due to confusion/feedback, applicable orders will now receive a gift card with full order credit or option for refund upon delivery. 

To accept refund in lieu of gift card please reply to (or forward) your original order email (body of message can be left blank) to meaghan@stereoplasm.ca Please note that gift card will not be accepted after refund. Refunds will be processed on the 1st and 15th of every month. 

"Shipped" refers to when Canada Post or Fedex receives and scans the bar code with online status showing as "Item received" (picked up, etc).

  • If only a shipping label has been produced but the carrier does not have the item, the shipment will be considered "not shipped"
  • If the carrier has picked up the item but the status has not changed online and the order arrives within 14-21 days after purchase, it will most likely not be refunded but you will be contacted with confirmation/status

Exceptions include:

-verified (or verifiable) hazardous weather/road conditions

-holiday closures

-combined orders (3-6 day grace period)

-custom orders (2-8 week development time, depending on ingredient availability and complexity)

Thanks as always,