Order Processing Times

Current orders being processed:

Last few pre-Black Friday orders are being finished up, and Black Friday orders should be out next week! (Made an error on the previous update, my apologies!).

All fragrances are hand mixed, poured, bottled and packed by our fabulous founder and mastermind Meaghan. We are hoping to hire extra help very soon in order to speed along the packaging process, but for now - it's a one-woman-perfume show! This means that the turn-around-time does vary, as life does get in the way, but this way we can update everyone on what is being processed! 

The TAT is an estimate, and we are aiming to get our regular TAT of 7-10 days back as soon as we're all caught up with orders, but we're extending it now to give ourselves more leeway and relieve some stress. 

If you have questions about orders being processed please feel free to message us here, or at stereoplasm.team@gmail.com

Please note that original orders take priority, and will be worked on before anything else!  We thank everyone so much for their patience and feedback during this hectic time! We're hoping to be back on track as soon as possible. Thanks again everyone!