Retired Monthly Animal



May (2/2) - Macropus (Kangaroo): Snapping bubblegum, cane sugar and wild kangaroo paw flower



May (1/2) - Ciconia (Crane): Sedge meadows, cattail and marsh gumplant  



April (2/2) 2020 - Equus (Horse): Wild rose, wind musk and nannyberry



April (1/2) 2020 - Bubalus (Buffalo): Wild bluegrass, dry soil and light patchouli


March (2/2) 2020 - Acinonyx (Cheetah): Vetiver, light patchouli, feline musk and oak moss


March (1/2) 2020 - Tigris (Tiger): Creamy orange sherbert, frozen vanilla bean and swirls of sweet fennel.


February (2/2) 2020 - Anguis (Snake): Sweetgrass and snake gourd with cool japanese peppermint


February (1/2) 2020 - Inter macacas (Macaque): Cherry blossom, fresh jasmine tea, white orchid and banana peel


January (2/2) 2020 - Elephantus (Elephant): Cold jasmine tea, fresh ylang ylang and dark amber


January (1/2) 2020 - Titula Eligans (Cow): Toasted praline and caramel cookies with hazelnut cashew milk


December (1/2) 2019 - Rangifer Tarandus (Reindeer): Frankincense sacra, myrrh, holly wreath and douglas fir


November (2/2) 2019 - Koala Ursus (Koala Bear): Sweet maraschino cherries and hazelnut in a coconut milk chocolate shell []


November (1/2) 2019 - Plestiodon Fasciatus (Five-lined skink): Yellow passionfruit, fountaingrass and strawberry guava


October (3/3) 2019 - Desmondus Rotundus (Vampire Bat): Fiery gumballs, peach keys and fruit punch spiked with copper.


October (2/3) 2019 - Ogyoptynx (Paleocene Owl): Heaps of fresh candy corn, burnt brown sugar, and autumn air.


October (1/3) 2019 - Nigrum Cattus (Black Cat): Sour Gummy Worms, Twist of key lime and lemon soda.


June (1/2) 2019 - Bombus pensylvanicus (American Bumblebee): Foxglove nectar, red clover, dusty pollen and a hint of spiced honey.


May (2/2) 2019 - Lithobates Palustris (Pickerel Frog): Night blooming jasmine, wet grass, algae, and tomato leaf.


May (1/2) 2019 - Stultus Apparuit Postquam Alevatus (Greyhound): Earl grey tea, energetic citrus, sweet cyclamen and quick pawprints in soft dirt.


April (1/2) 2019 - Erethizon Dorsatum (Porcupine) : Wet musk, morning dew, broken twigs and flower buds.


March (2/2) 2019 - Agnus (Lamb): Bright yellow daisies, wild rose, field grass and juniper berry.


March (1/2) 2019 - Rubecula (Robin): Wild blueberries, wet garden mud, nag champa and vintage musk.


February (2/2) 2019 - Puma Concolor (Mountain Lion): Wild cilantro, waterfalls and jolly ranchers candy.


February (1/2) 2019 - Procyon Lotor (Raccoon): Fleshy nectarine, pink grapefruit, cotton candy and bergamot.


January 2019 - Alces Spiritus (Spirit Moose) : Crystal lavender, frozen fern and dried winter spices.


September 2018 - Selasphorus Calliope (Calliope Hummingbird): Foxglove Nectar, Honeysuckle and fresh maple leaves.


August (2 of 2) 2018 - Danaus Plexippus (Monarch Butterfly): Snow cones with simple black cherry syrup and pink dusty prairie flowers.


August (1 of 2) 2018 - Ursus Americanus (American Black Bear) : Ripe wet blueberries, sweet herbal honey and blue juniper.


July (2 of 2) 2018 - Lutra Canadensis (River Otter): Soothing chai tea with zesty and energetic house tangerine oil. Playful yet warm and inviting!


July (1 of 2) 2018 - Chelydra Serpentina (Snapping Turtle): Refreshing Japanese peppermint with oceanic green tea accord.