Shipping/Refund/Replacement Policy


Standard TAT: 10-14 business days

Holiday TAT (Nov.15 - Jan. 10th): 18-21 business days

PLEASE NOTE: When we print our shipping labels, it normally takes 1-3 days to finish the package and then send it out, as well as getting it scanned in at the post office end. Please give your package about 7 business days after the label has been printed to show up as scanned in the post office! We count the business days from shipment for any replacements, not the day of ordering. Thank you!

Missing Packages:

It is so upsetting when a package seems lost in the postal void, and we know how frustrating the wait can be. However, items do often get held up at customs, especially liquids, and can simply take longer to clear. We declare all our packages appropriately, but at a certain point it is out of our control. We do offer a replacement package or a refund, after the following days wait:

  • Local packages (Canada): 20 business days from shipping date.
  • North American packages (USA): 40 business days from shipping date.
  • International packages (rest of world): 60 business days from shipping date. 

We know the wait may seem long, but we have had packages come through after even longer hold ups. We thank everyone for their patience and support, and we want to do everything we can to get your items to you!

Custom Perfume Replacements:

Due to the time involved in crafting individual samples for custom perfumes, we are only able to offer a replacement for any lost samples. Creating the notes and combinations of scents is a very long process, and in order to respect the time it takes, refunds will not be offered on custom samples unless there are extreme defects.