Soft Relaunch Newsletter + Update

Good morning 🌞

I've received an overwhelming amount of questions and feedback regarding yesterdays email! I didn't intend for these changes to be confusing or controversial but completely understand where these concerns and skepticism are coming from.

I apologize for not addressing TAT/communication issues directly. I can see how my explanation became a bit of an unhinged stringboard to anyone who hasn't been obsessing over this for months.

For added coherency, I've summarized a few common questions from email and reddit in FAQ format. I hope this will clear up the majority of concerns I've seen or received but please let me know if I've missed anything.

I'll try to keep this email a little more concise so apologies if I seem abrupt in my responses - thank you so much for reading! - Meaghan (

A brief summation of current updates to the shop:

1) Out-of-season fragrance that would otherwise not be available can now be purchased as a 30ml/”Venus” size any time

2) Seasonal, new or featured fragrance will be available (or restocked) in *all sizes*, as planned

Why are these changes happening?:

↠ To reduce time and resources spent stocking, creating and bottling entire catalogue at once

↠ Out-of-season perfume generates much less interest and often goes to waste (even after clearance events)

These changes are convoluted and confusing. Why are you focused on this instead of improving TAT and communication?

Many of the changes presented so far may seem superficial or limiting but ultimately exist only to improve TAT, communication, product and overall experience.

What has been done to address TAT and communication issues?

Both issues will be improved by:

↠ drastically reducing time spent maintaining off-season catalogue

↠ machine-automation of many tasks formerly done slowly by hand (funded by our “Last Chance Clearance” sales)

With much less time spent creating perfume formula, managing a massive ingredient inventory and bottling fragrance (that may not be purchased) - I now have hours of time back to keep up with everything else.

Are Venus memberships the precursor to an MLM or typical “mean-girl” nonsense?

It really is just a way to buy out-of-season perfume when it wouldn't otherwise be available or visible on the site. I create perfume formula in 110ml bottles already - so making other sizes available at the same time as a 30ml purchase makes the most sense to me.

When someone purchases a 30ml, other people can try the size they want without having to spend $100 or wait for the fragrance to come back in season.

I've never planned on having a paid membership program but as an add-on or free perk with such a high commitment purchase, it seemed like a fun idea. I don't intend to create or nurture any social groups based on this, other than newsletters explaining the free samples.

Why would you do this? What are you thinking?

I can't really think of an ideal or better way to keep such a large catalogue available year round until we're able to move and expand. Our catalogue consists of thousands of ingredients, hundreds of formulas and multiple bottle sizes for each. It's very difficult for one person to keep up with, ultimately wasteful and takes resources from stabilizing the shop and preparing to move/hire locally again. I'm definitely not stuck on the idea if it remains deeply unpopular.

Why not just hire someone to help with these issues?

I think for now it's better to be realistic and honest about current economical limitations than hire someone precariously. Limiting the catalogue and making the fulfillment process easier also makes this job more appealing for future hires as well.

Are these changes permanent?

Venus bottles were only meant to be a temporary solution to keep things moving and stabilized until we can relocate. I'm open to all suggestions and truly appreciate the constructive feedback I've received so far :)



New sizes, improved formula, practices & collectable packaging

Now with original art on every bottle

*top of image: *new* 30mL "Venus Bottle" (rectangular roller, full art bottle: Sunday Morning, Poseur, Fairy Frost) - Storage/collectable boxes - N. Ontario landscape by Clara M. Kidd

Shop Now

middle: *new* 5mL Rocket (standard roller: Caesura, Poseur), *new* 10mL "Mercury" (square roller, full art bottle: Early Reflections), *new* 15mL "Mars" (rectangular roller, full art bottle: Early Reflections, Jellybones),

*bottom to middle: Freebie/0.5mL sample vial/matchbook, *new* 3pc 1ml "Thumb" sample/matchbox & 6pc 1ml "Thumb" sample/matchbox | Also pictured: Original 1.8mL Mini (small roller: Fairy Frost, Flowers in the Rain)

What's New:

New and improved bottle sizes: 1mL/"thumb", 5mL/"rocket", 10mL/"Mercury", 15mL "Mars", 30mL "Venus" (many products from earlier collections containing stock images will be returning with new professional art soon)

Improved formula longevity: enjoy longer on skin and in your collection

High definition original art on all sizes: from 0.5mL "Doll"/free sample size to 30mL Venus

Collectable/UV-protection storage boxes: updated regularly and included with any fragrance purchase (all sample sizes, 1mL - 30mL)

Improved bottle drying and sterilization: all glass bottles, vials, inserts, lids and caps are now double steam-pressure treated and dry-sterilized from factory conditions and sealed in cool/clean storage

*CURRENT FREE SAMPLES*: Upcoming dedicated masculine fragrance collection (surprise/tba) - September *new release*

What's Staying:

Free samples in every order (dolls *or* minis): by default, every order will now include four Doll/0.5 mL free vial samples in collectable matchbook with upcoming collection. Or your choice of featured or Venus doll/freebie selections (if available from featured or Venus collection)

- or alternatively - two 1.8mL Mini roller bottles in matchbox (please send reply to order confirmation to request instead of 4 pc. vial matchbook)

Original or improved ingredients: I will never intentionally decrease the quality of perfume ingredients or dilute fragrance to meet increased costs. Formula ingredients will only be *matched or improved in quality* if necessary/discontinued or altered from my suppliers. I will always practice reasonable judgment and due diligence when testing or verifying any prepared or untreated fragrance component.

Sensible, reliable and respectful pricing: We'll continue avoiding unnecessary prices increases by reducing superfluous fees/services, improving social media outreach and creating our own supplies in-house

What are "Venus Bottles"?:

Venus bottles are another name for our largest available fragrance size, or 30mL rectangular art bottle ($100 USD). After a Venus bottle is purchased out of season, Mars/15mL ($60) and Mercury/10mL ($40) will become available to other customers (as well as freebie, sample and 5ml rocket size)

What comes with the purchase of a Venus bottle?

- Automatic enrollment in 3-month exclusive/pre-order Venus membership club: End of 2023/December membership offer until 2023.09.09 - includes *all upcoming and new seasonal and holiday* sneak-peek sample boxes/books

- Free USPS shipping

- Full vivid, product art on front of every bottle with custom box

- freshest stock available and improved longevity

Choose from any fragrance listed on Venus/30mL collection page (1-3 week TAT)

Venus [30mL] Collection

When can I purchase out of season fragrance in a smaller size?

When someone commits to a Venus bottle, a 110mL "Mother Bottle" can be created that replenishes stock for *all smaller sizes* of that fragrance in 1-3 weeks. Venus can also help with artist/admin fees for labels/boxes and reduces annual stock waste. (Venus bottles cannot be exchanged or refunded for smaller size later on)

After enrollment, check on your account page to find 🦪 (pearl) for the duration of your membership. You will receive membership updates with information on upcoming releases through registered special newsletter. Pre-release samples will be dispatched to your current/registered shipping address

Mixed Tapes (End of Summer re-release - all sizes)

Sunday Morning - Banana popsicle, vintage furs, edelweiss and salted margarita

Flowers in the rain - Warm rain, carnation corsage, pink musk and passion fruit

Caesura - Fresh mango, grapefruit tea, c__bis, snake melon and myrrh

Early Reflections - Pink grapefruit, melted shea butter, warm skin, yuzu rind, ripe guava and crushed pineapple

Jellybones - Iced green tea with sparkling pear, ruby red and lime juice

Grieve in Stereo - Graveyard flower, vanilla sugar, doll hair, empire apple and antique wood

Poseur - Pink sugar, vinyl, borrowed cologne, hairspray and clove cigarettes

...and a fairy for luck, from our last Winter/Spring Collection:

Fairy Frost - Frosted fairy breath, clean baby skin, frozen bath bubbles and pink bubblegum

What's coming next?

September dedicated masculine-fragrance release (current free samples)

Updated Plasm Points Rewards and Prizes (Check back Sept. 6)

Bottle images for site from a (very talented and kind) product photographer

Retail counter display boxes (including animal & other donation)

Site and customer account improvements (out of stock email alerts, self-edit/cancel orders, detailed fulfilment steps)

No/significantly less shop/site closures

When will I receive my order?

Turnaround time for Venus orders will be 1-3 weeks

Current Regular/"Mixed Tapes" collection TAT = 3-7 days

Final Relaunch (early Sept.) *goal* TAT = 1-3 days :)

Customer feedback & detailed news/updates

There will be a brief site questionnaire following September's final relaunch with coupon codes and prizes 🎁

After final relaunch, we'll have a dedicated page with detailed updates, news, delays and progress

A note about Fedex: Fedex has increased rates dramatically in the past 3 years and can't be maintained at current shipping tier of $100USD. We are hoping to add new shipping services for final relaunch but Fedex free shipping tier has been moved to $125USD for now

Lastly I hope to complete a guide next year to help other indies avoid setbacks and wasted costs in developing their own labels/boxes. If you own or work for an indie brand and are thinking of making similar changes (or have advice for us) - please feel free to take whatever you need from these ideas so far or reach out if you have any recommendations for us (