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Hello and welcome to Stereoplasm - we are so happy to have you here!

If you're a new customer or a regular, and are looking for information on our specific products, you're in the right place. Here is some information on our fragrances!

All ingredients are domestic, distilled in-house or purchased from international Fair Trade companies only.

All fragrances contain natural, synthetic and house-distilled ingredients unless otherwise specified (no fragrance will contain “only” synthetic components for example). Refractionated coconut oil is the carrier, and fragrance concentrate ranges from 40%-60% depending strength and desired effect and High Concentration Oils will be at 80%-%100, for a slightly higher cost. 

PLEASE NOTE: The High Concentration oils are very strong, scent wise but also chemically. They are not typically used for skin-only application as they can cause irritation and redness. Many people were requesting HC oils in order to scent other products, such as lotions or shampoo, to use in a room diffuser, or to put into their hair oils. Please be advised when purchasing all oils, but especially HC oils to do a patch test before liberally applying. 


Only cosmetic-grade oils are used, but should any irritation occur, please discontinue use. There are currently no fragrances containing ingredients that are known to be harmful to pregnant women, but this will be explicitly stated here as well as the fragrance description. Not to be ingested or given to young children.

As a note, oil-based fragrance in general tends to wear closer to the skin and should be applied liberally at pulse points. Not to be applied directly on clothing as staining may occur.

All fragrances are hand-crafted (no “stock scents”) and vegan.

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