Unusual/Uncommon Note Descriptions

Acai Fruit: has a mixed berry quality, earthy, dark and sweet
Akee Fruit: a mild fruit, buttery and creamy, reminiscent of hearts of palm.
Amber Amber: a warm, resinous scent that can produce a faint prickle at the back of the nose, rich and earthy
Ambergris Animalic: musky and having a sweet earthy aroma, reminiscent of the damp forest floor
Angelica Green: earth, musk, celery, pepper, herbs, and just a hint of warm citrus
Bay laurel Green: herbal, slightly floral, and somewhat similar to oregano and thyme.
Benzoin Vanilla: vanillic, but spicy and musky with a woody undertone.
Bergamot Citrus: citrus-like fragrance and a distinctive spicy-floral quality, often used in black tea
Wood: a phenolic, tarry smelling ingredient mostly used in the production of leather scents, some chypres and some masculine fragrances.
Blue Cypress Wood: balsamic, slightly spicy, woody, and smoky, almost licorice-y notes
Blue Musk Musk: unisex, soft, balanced, neutral
Blue Sugar Gourmand: artificial sugar, cotton candy style
Buddhas Hand Floral: sweet, a bit lemony and similar to lavender
Camphor Atmospheric: mothballs, bracing, intensely green, pungent. Cuts through sweet florals
Cassia Spice: a very cinnamon-y spice, fairly intense
Cedarwood Wood: austere and somber woody note, adds much depth
Citronella Green: grassy/floral
Chypre Type: usually with a top note of citrus and woody base notes derived from oak moss and ambergris
Classic Fougere
Green: comes from the french word "fern", the class of fragrances have the basic accord with a top-note of lavender and base-notes of oakmoss and coumarin.
Classic Musk Musk: earthy, sweet, heavy
Cloudberry Fruit: tart but floral, a mix of a currant and raspberry
Egyptian Musk Musk: spicy, earthy, a bit floral, with a richness and depth
English Ivy Green: clean, fresh, earthy, shimmering. if you smashed a leave and smelled the wet pulp
Floral Musk Musk: white musk, classic floral undertones, cool-leaning
Resin: sweeter, cleaner and fresher than resin yet still is has a resinouse, earthy and also has a slight piney/lemony spicy smell
Geranium Floral: rosy, but with no powder note, leaning towards lemony.
Gooseberry Fruit: tart, like a currant
Incense (Indian) Spice: woody, warm, a little spicy but leaning more dry. sandalwood, dust
Incense (Japanese) Spice: smooth, neural, balanced, won't overpower
Incense (Thai) Spice: more floral and spicy, cardamom and jasmie,
Indian Musk Musk: classic musk, traditional Indian spice, light smoke
Indonesian Musk Musk: spicy musk, nutmeg, clove, lemon grass
Jade Atmospheric Accord: clear green/light amber resin
Juniper Berry Green: bitter, resinous, a little medicinal and green.
Kumquat Fruit: lemony-piney scent
Marjoram Green: a slightly foody herbacious note, similar to oregano but sweeter
Myrrh Resin: warm and woody resinous smell, that has an edge/bite to it like licorice
Myrtle Green: herbal and aromatic, strong and camphorous, like eucalptus.
Nag Champa
Resin: woodsy, calming, warming, and moist. Reminiscent of jasmine or magnolia flowers, the forest, or tea
Olibanum Resin: see frankincense
Oud Wood: also called: agarwood, rich, musty woody-nutty scent
Ozone Atmospheric: clean, atmospheric, evoking air and freshness
Palmarosa Green: an uncommon vegetale note with a peppery quality
Palo Santao Wood: resinous, minty, citrus, fresh, green
Pepper (Black) Spices: hot and fiery, normally a top note, short lived, earthy and spicy
Pepper (Pink) Spices: not actually spicy, more rosy, without feeling powdery
Pepper (Water) Spices: spicy, with herbal undertones of eucalyptus and miny
Pepper (White) Spices: medicinal, barn-yard type smell, earthy with a little zing, grassy
Peru Balsam Balsam: warm, majestic, plush,vanilla, balsamic, a little floral
Pink Ozone Atmospheric: warm, ozone, unisex
Romantic Musk Musk: white musk base, cozy, warm, traditionally feminine
Sassafras Floral: slightly citrus, like a natural froot-loops scent
Spanish Moss Green: moss, herbaceous, agrestic
Tar Atmospheric: potent, slight amonia note (recommended as side sample)
Teak Wood: polished, light, like dried wood in sunlight
Vintage Musk Musk: classic musk, aldehydic, "old perfume" smell
Warm Sweater Accord Atmospheric: has a softness, a fuzzyness that adds warmth and richness to a scent
Yuzu Citrus: Citrus: half lemon, half lime, a little bitter, very fresh.

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