Hello potential future employee of Stereoplasm!

As our creative director and customer correspondent Norah is leaving us at the end of August, we are looking for someone to take over her position.

The position will be for approximately 8 months to a year, with the possibility of extension. The work can all be done at a distance, and here are some quick facts for what we're looking for! 

We need someone:

  • Proficient in basic web design (Shopify platform) and email campaign design
  • Creative/ Artistically inclined - knowledge of Photoshop an asset! You do not have to be a full-fledged artist, but making posts and media that are visually appealing and diverse is important. Coming up with new ideas and collaborating on collections is also one of the best parts (in my opinion!).
  • Organized and able to work with a deadline. Email correspondence and order management is a huge part of this position, and remaining organized and timely with your replies is very important.
  • Flexible! The requirements for this job are constantly changing as we are, and we want someone who can adapt to what is needed, and learn on the go.
  • Proficient in running multiple social media platforms (reviews, posts, updates, etc).
  • Polite, compassionate, and interesting! We want dynamic, fabulous people here. Who doesn't?! Don't be afraid to let your freak flag fly high here!
  • Self-driven, able to take instruction and run with it, create new ideas, collaborate, etc.

We would like:

  • A member of the IMAM community (not necessarily on reddit, but in general)
  • Part of or ally to lgbtqia2+: We support all races, identities and sexualities at Stereoplasm, and we always will. We are both part of lgbtqia2+ and would be happy to welcome people who are queer, non-binary, gender-fluid, trans, two spirited or anything else for that matter!
  • Plant Based: We are also a vegan brand, and (so far!) the entire team has been as well. Our values align with our business, and being plant-based is definitely an asset.
  • Canadian: not mandatory as we know there are definitely fewer of us in the community, but aside from the practicality of getting frequent, large shipments of perfume… It's good to be in the same, relative time zone/able to communicate via phone easily, etc. And also - Canadians supporting Canadians, yay!

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, please submit your resume and cover letter to us at stereoplasm.team@gmail.com, with the subject: Stereoplasm Position - "Your Name". Thanks so much everyone!