Deluxe Custom Fragrance
Deluxe Custom Fragrance

Deluxe Custom Fragrance

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NEW IMPROVEMENT: Deluxe customs come with 1.8mL samples, instead of the 1mL's, so you can test them out for longer and have more fragrance to play with!

Hello and welcome! You’re about to embark on an exciting fragrance-adventure... Creating your own custom scent may seem daunting (so many options!) but we’ve tried to break it up into each category, and walk you through it. Take it slow! There’s no rush. Here are the steps:

  1. After purchasing your Custom Fragrance, please fill out Form 1. You will then receive five (or more!), 1.5mL samples of high concentrated perfume oil, crafted from your specifications! Additional samples are available for $3.00 each (see below).
  2. After receiving your samples (1.5mL) - enjoy them! Let them rest and return to them. There is no rush and no deadline for completing your second form, so make sure you’ve tested them as much as you want to. You may then complete Form 2 with as much or little input/changes as you would like. You will be asked to choose between one 6mL bottle, or two 3mL bottles of your preferred scent/scents. If you wish to purchase additional bottles of your custom fragrances, you are able to do so HERE.
  3. A full size of your unique perfume/s will be dispatched to you within 7-10 days! It does take time to make it perfect, so we hope you understand the extra wait time.

Form 1: EXTRA SAMPLESPurchased Separately

Form 2: Additional Final Scents - Purchased Separately

Extra samples can be purchased HERE, customers purchasing a minimum of 3 extra samples will receive additional bottles of their final fragrances.

  • Purchase 3 extra samples and receive an additional 3ml bottle of fragrance
  • Purchase 5 extra samples and receive two additional 3ml bottles of fragrance or one additional 6ml bottle of fragrance from your selection of samples

If you choose to start over with a new set of samples, please fill out the first form and include your name and order number. A $25.00 shipping/bottling fee applies and will be invoiced to your provided email address via PayPal.

Please remember, Deluxe Customs require 2 packages being sent to you, so there are increased shipping rates. If you have a custom in your cart, you will be able to select your prefered Custom Fragrance shipping option. Thank you!