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Flora & Fauna

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Type: fragrance
Inked Club - Flora & Fauna: Golden amber, vanilla bean, pink grapefruit, orange jessamine, victoria rhubarb, flowering peony, smoked sandalwood.

In the garden, an ornate ceramic platter sits on a spindly glass table, laden generously with fresh fruit. Ruby red grapefruit glints in the high afternoon sun, fat pink peonies sit next to a glass of lemonade, and teacups wait patiently- already prepped with 2 cubes of sugar, each. Leaves rustle in the warm breeze, ants march towards a fallen piece of fruit, and something slithers across the cobblestone path. You pluck a particularly large piece of grapefruit from the bunch and pop it into your mouth. As sweet, tart juice makes your tongue tingle, you watch bumblebees buzz happily around the peonies - ready to tuck in to their own sumptuous floral feast. 

Warm and citrusy, with a floral overtone and a resinous, woody-vanilla base. 



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