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Solar Croakus/Lunar Anura/Frog Dew

Solar Croakus/Lunar Anura/Frog Dew

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Solar Croakus  An inner effervescence heightened by notes of warm patchouli, bronze crocus, dry sandalwood, sun flare ozone and warm skin musk

[patchouli/sandalwood/bronze crocus/warm ozone/skin musk]

Lunar Anura - Vintage chypre, tidal waves, pearlescent amber, moon musk and white morning glory

[vintage chypre/ocean/pearl amber/moon musk/morning glory]

Frog Dew - A dewy coat scented by notes of swamp azalea, wild basil, bergamot, luminescent marsh gas and devil fruit

[dew/swamp azalea/wild basil/bergamot/damp ozone/nightshade]

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