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Monster Frog

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Type: fragrance

It's a freak of nature, a wild mutilation, it's.. it's.... A MONSTER FROG!

We accidentally mixed a little jasmine with our Monster Parts and realized.... My god this smells good. So, what else could we do but embrace it and turn it into a Pickerel Frog/ Monster Parts mashup! It's the MONSTER (FROG) MASH! Notes of both:

Monster Parts: (tomato leaf/salt/camphor/ozone/Indica) - A mysterious and camphorous ingredient located inside the mayor's locked tomato garden) (powerful, ozonic and slightly medicinal although weakens your energy in large doses. Not for the faint of heart!) 


Lithobates Palustris (Pickerel Frog): Night blooming jasmine, wet grass, algae, and tomato leaf.

A unique scent mashup, not part of any collection - just a little, wandering Monster Frog!



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