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O Captain, my Captain!

O Captain, my Captain!

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O Captain, my Captain! | "Inked Club" | Summer Mini-Collection 2019 - Concept and artwork by former Montreal-based designer Norah Galea: inspired by her passion for tattoos and vintage ink.

Notes: Navy rum, leather scabbard, coconut hair, sliced pineapple, ocean, cigar smoke and morning fog

Salt! Wind! Water! Ropes creek and waves pour over the side of your ship, you hear shouting through the chaos and warm ocean spray - the words carried on the strong breeze and out onto the open sea, for someone else's ears.

You smell wet leather and your hands are aching from grasping the wooden wheel at the helm, but you stand your ground against the wild southern wind, and instruct someone - anyone! - to tighten the jib! Now! The wind inflates the sails, and you level out, flying on the cusp and crest of the waves you were just battling.

You tie off the wheel, and rub the salt water out of your eyes. Grinning, you snatch the dark bottle from the floor and uncork it with your teeth. The amber liquid mixes with the salt on your lips, and you can taste the victory - salty and sweet and burning in the very best way. 

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