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Ozark Howler

Ozark Howler

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Ozark Howler | "Conspiracy Part II: Cryptids" Spring Mini-Collection 2019 - A mythical creature rumoured to reside in the Ozarks: The "Ozark Howler" has been spotted and reported by locals hundreds of times since the 1950s (although similar legends go back many generations). Those who have heard terrifying sounds or seen these creatures report experiencing an eerie feeling in their presence (more info here).
We were up near Yellow Rock trail head this morning
and saw this thing chase a squirrel up a tree
and I have never seen anything like it
It had short black fur
a broad nose
and horns like a young deer
but it moved like a cat
and had a long tail.
Don't know what else it could be
but the Howler

Notes: Fallen dogwood leaves, warm fur and white horehound

(Please note: The horehound orchid note in this scent has been modified in 2021 due to ongoing availability issues)

(art by Norah Galea)
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