Red Dagger

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Fragrance Description:

Tags: _atmospheric, _floral, _herbal, _spice, apple, metal, soil, tomato leaf
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Type: fragrance

Red Dagger | "Inked Club" | Summer Mini-Collection 2019 - Concept and artwork by former Montreal-based designer Norah Galea: inspired by her passion for tattoos and vintage ink.

Notes: Tomato leaf, crab apple blossom, adrenaline, rich soil, pimento, honey crisp apple, moonlit metal, northern lights

Abandoned under a twisting apple tree and hastily covered with a sprinkle of mulch, a ruby embellished hilt and dagger gleams with a sinister sweetness from beneath the dirt and leaves.

Upon closer inspection you discover that, while beautiful and ornate, this dagger has a dark history stained onto its blade. Despite the cool evening, it is warm and heavy in your hand.

As you attempt to polish the metal you realize that the silver itself has been indelibly stained red. It grows hotter and hotter in your grasp.

You wonder if you ever should have picked it up in the first place. 

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