The Autumn People

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Fragrance Description:

Tags: _atmospheric, _herbal, _spice, _woods, cardamom, dirt, earth, paper, pumpkin, soil
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Type: fragrance

The Autumn People: Grinning jack-o-lanterns, dripping red wax, fallen leaves, croaking mulch, shivering cardamom pods, a freshly hanged juju bag glittering in the rafters and an old page from the Witch's Almanac.

From Norah (former Stereoplasm artist, current owner of Knock Thrice):

Eeeeeek! I am SO excited for this scent. Inspired by that one dang fabulous Ray Bradbury quote, The Autumn People is a spicy, atmospheric, spooky, seasonal, and downright splendid scent. It's everything I've ever wanted in a perfume and, self-identifying as an Autumn Person for my entire life, this feels quite validating somehow.

Meaghan's biggest gift to me (aside from the actual dream job of a lifetime of course) is that the profits from the sale of this fragrance are headed my way, to help me fund my new lil' business and (less sexy but quite important) pay off my looming student loans - sigh! The IMAM community has always been incredibly supportive, encouraging, understanding, and kind - I am honored to be a part of it! And - as my gift to YOU GUYS, I am sending Meaghan some of my favourite embroidery-style vinyl stickers to be sent out with the first 20 orders! Who knows - I may even throw a few extra in there to be given out at her discretion….

Thanks to all who support ANY indies, and I hope you all have an amazing, colourful, fragrant, spooky Autumn season <3


From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Norah! For helping build Stereoplasm into what it is today. <3 

Please visit her Etsy page to see her amazing shop!!!

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