Two Sparrows

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Fragrance Description:

Tags: _floral, _green, _herbal, _spice, air, berry, grass, honeysuckle, ink, rain, stone, warm
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Type: fragrance

Two Sparrows | "Inked Club" | Summer Mini-Collection 2019 - Concept and artwork by former Montreal-based designer Norah Galea: inspired by her passion for tattoos and vintage ink.

Notes: Wild honeysuckle, chamomile tea, sprawling stone ivy, white pepper, peace lily, soft rain, elderberry, quill and ink

You lay sprawled on the grass in an open park, the warmth of the sun is fading now and you bask in the last few rays.

The grass tickles the backs of your legs and an unexpected drop of rain leaves a mark on your ivory shirt. As the smell of honeysuckle and and lily wafts around you, the wind picks up and two birds burst from the bush beside.

Startled, you look skyward, and watch as they dance and swirl in the swift summer breeze, cleverly seeking more secure shelter for the impending downpour.

As the drops fall more heavily, you run for the gazebo across the park. Damp and covered in petals, you envy their speedy getaway, and sit down to wait out the warm summer storm.

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