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Tags: _atmospheric, _spice, _woods, liquor, mahogany, metal, root, sandalwood
Collections: All Fragrance [with olfactory tags], Into The Darkness (Halloween 2020), Pre-Order, Products, Products
Type: fragrance

...AND ME! |"Into the Darkness" Fall/Halloween 2020 

A fan-Inspired fragrance featuring a dark, dark tale in a dark, dark book that terrified many of us growing up! 

Creator's Note: Be warned that the scents from this series are terrifyingly realistic: and not for the faint of heart! Those who are new to indie fragrance or spooky-atmospheric-avoiding might want to pass on this collection! 👻

Notes: Blinking mahogany walls, valerian root, midnight sandalwood oil, spiced rum, gold rust

(reading here, purchase the non-affiliated storybook here)

Art by former Creative Director, Kacy Lin

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