Crumbly Capricorn

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Fragrance Description:

Tags: _citrus, _gourmand, baked bread, butter, chamomile, cream, dried herbs in bottle, milk, orange, vanilla
Collections: All Fragrance [with olfactory tags], Pre-Order, Products, Products, Written in the Stars (Winter 2021)
Type: fragrance

Creator's Vision:

For the driven Capricorn–
A vanilla latte and a butter croissant...
A snack
For when you need a break. 


A freshly baked butter croissant
Paired with a sweet vanilla latte,
A hint of freshly peeled orange and
A calming chamomile bouquet.

In Bottle: Vanilla and Orange Peel

Vanilla for a hint of sweetness,
Orange peel for an infusion of energy. <3 
Written in the Stars: 2020-2021 Year-Long Collection
art and concept by Kacy Lin

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