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Fragrance Description:

Tags: _atmospheric, _herbal, _tea, cardamom, fig, human rights, rain, soil, sweater, tea rose, tomato leaf, warm
Collections: All Fragrance [with olfactory tags], Community Custom (2020 & 2021), Donation Scents, Pre-Order, Products, Products
Type: fragrance

 Daybreak | "Community Customs" Summer 2020 -  A collaborative fragrance created by the indie perfume community by voting: meant to capture the ideal herbal scent. Led by former in-house artist and Creative Director, Norah Galea.

We also decided this fragrance should become an official donation to fight against racial inequality in light of the death of George Floyd. Donations were originally submitted to BLM Toronto where you can continue to donate here.

Today due to the ongoing housing and poverty crisis in Ontario, 50% of profit donations will now be allocated to Elizabeth Frye and programs designed to help women who are facing legal discrimination, a disproportionate who are WoC, immigrant or Indigenous women. 

Notes: Cool rain, dried fig, fresh cut grass, muddled tomato leaf, warm sweater, wet tea leaves, green cardamom pods, tilled mulch, yellow dandelion, hybrid tea rose

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