Hope Tea

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Tags: _floral, _fruit, _tea, milk, plum, rice, sugar, ylang ylang, yuzu
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Type: fragrance

Hope Tea| "Bubble Teas & Crispy Treats" Collection Spring 2021 An unforgettable and delicious farewell collection by brilliant artist and former Creative Director, Kacy Lin. She has graciously donated her future profits from this scent to The Chinese Canadian National Council - For Social Justice.

Notes: Plum blossoms, oolong tea, rice milk, ylang ylang, sugar and yuzu Walking through the garden, the plum blossoms are in bloom. Two little hands hold a cup of oolong tea steamed with rice milk.

Ylang-ylang and yuzu grow in the garden. Grandma sneaks a sugar cube into the little one's hands–a hint of sweetness to dampen the bitter tea


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