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Paperback Cafe

Paperback Cafe

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Paperback Cafe | "Community Customs II" Summer 2021 - Designed by members of the indie fragrance community on instagram where votes were taken to create the ideal afternoon tea scent!

Originally introduced in 2020 by former in-house artist and Creative Director Norah Galea, 2021's Community Custom was led by former C.D Kacy Lin, who also created the art for this collaborative fragrance.

Notes: Old books, Earl Grey latte, Japanese plum, ginger and Crème brûlée

"Sitting in a cozy café with a well-worn book, you nurse a steaming Earl Grey latte. Beside you is a ripe Japanese plum and some ginger candies to help with your studies.

The smell of Crème brûlée permeates your space–bourbon vanilla custard–as you hear the snap of a perfectly crunchy caramelized shell."

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