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Phantom of Flatwoods

Phantom of Flatwoods

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Phantom of Flatwoods | "Conspiracy Part II: Cryptids" Spring Mini-Collection 2019 -  A scent inspired by Flatwoods Monster of West Virginia after a bright light struck Braxton County on September 12, 1952: 

Seven Braxton County residents on Saturday reported seeing a 10-foot Frankenstein-like monster in the hills above Flatwoods,”


Lemon screamed and fell backward, the news account said, “when he saw a 10-foot monster with a blood-red body and a green face that seemed to glow.” It may have had claws for hands. It was hard to tell because of the dense mist."


Notes: Virginia pine, honey locust, gray dogwood, maiden silvergrass and mist flower

(art by Norah Galea)

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